Brady Tkachuk Signs Seven Year $57.5m Contract

And. Here. We. Go!

After days weeks months of fan angst and back and forth reporting in the media (that definitely wasn’t negotiating), we’ve got an opening day announcement of a 7-year, $57.5m deal for Brady Tkachuk. For those reaching for their calculators, that’s an average value of $8.214m per season.

Notably, that’s not the cap hit though. Because the contract was signed two days after the start of the season, the cap hit is $8,291,486 this season and $8,208,571 for each of the remaining six seasons.

The actual structure is middle-loaded. It starts with $4m this season and $6.5m next season, then going up to $10.5m for years three through five before dropping back down to $8.5m and $7m for the final two years. Frank Seravalli is reporting that it is all regular salary, there are no signing bonuses included.

On the subject of no move or no trade clauses, Elliotte Friedman is reporting that there is a no move clause that kicks in for the final three years, though the Senators press release does not include any details on that.

While the news comes in time for the season and home opener tonight, Brady is not expected to dress but is going to be in the building. Maybe Saturday’s trip to Toronto is a possibility?

So deep breath, Sens fans. It’s not quite the 8 year deal most of us were hoping for, but it is close and it is definitely not the bridge deal that was going to make us all a little jumpy for the next few years.

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