Bobby Ryan Speaks About the Player Assistance Program

The Sens forward spoke candidly about the process of recovering from alcohol abuse

Some positive news surfaced this morning regarding Bobby Ryan as he spoke to the media to give an update on his status. This is the first time that the forward has spoken to the media since November, and he confirmed that he had entered the NHL/NHLPA’s Player Assistance Program to help treat his battle with alcohol abuse. He had the following to say about his absence and on-going recovery:

“It’s something I’ve been battling for a while,” Ryan said. “I’ve tried on my own and I was already getting help for it. What I was doing wasn’t enough.

“It’s been trying at times, but everyone’s been very supportive. My recovery has been a process and a learning thing for me for sure, but I’ve come a long way and just continuing to get better with it each day.”

Ryan also had this to say about his own personal circumstances:

“A lot of what I’ve been through is very public. Not just in this regard, but familial stuff. It’s not a catalyst for it, but it’s a lot of it. I had a lot of issues surrounding that and I think for a very long time I just kind of put my head down and never dealt with any of it. Check the metaphorical boxes from the I was 15 on and I got hit with waves of it the past little while and didn’t deal with any of those waves right for a long period of time and things just continued to escalate for the last three years. My therapy is going to continue. It’s not fun, but it’s something I need to be able to let go and put in my past and I’ve started to do that, but I feel great and at peace with a lot of it and I’m still continuing to let go of some more.”

He went on to mention that he is feeling really good physically and is expected to be in the line-up in the near future. He will surely be warmly welcomed by both the fans and his teammates when that times come.

On behalf of everyone at SilverSeven, I would just like to say that we are very glad to hear this update from Ryan, and that it’s extremely encouraging to hear him feel positive about his recovery. It takes a lot of courage to come out and be honest about his struggles and he should be highly commended for it.

Good luck on your continuing recovery journey Bobby Ryan!

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