Our Staff

Our Staff

nkb (he/him): nkb has been contributing to Silver Seven since 2014, and has been the managing editor since 2019. nkb grew up in Ottawa, though he's old enough that there are pictures from his youth where he is wearing a Habs jersey. He became a full-time convert to the Sens in 1997 during the team's magical run to their first play-off birth.

Ross Arnold (he/him): Moved to Ottawa as a toddler in 1993, so he doesn't remember a time he wasn't cheering for the Sens. Managed Silver Seven from 2015 to 2019, and still writes on the site from time to time.

Beata (she/her): Growing up in Ottawa in the early 2000s, Beata became a Sens fan at an early age, and only became more obsessed with the team during the reign of Erik Karlsson. She has been writing for Silver Seven since 2017, and has hosted two podcasts in that time - This Amelnykan Life, which ran until 2021, and now Elite Sens Brain, which started in 2023.

Trevor Shackles (he/him): Trevor (he/him): Despite being born and raised in Vancouver, BC, Trevor has been a lifelong Sens fan since the early 2000s for...reasons unknown. Perhaps he liked the red and gold on the jerseys? Either way, he has stuck with them this whole time and has been with Silver Seven since 2015 (inculding a brief hiatus). He also previously hosted the Cost Per Pointcast, which ran from 2016-2022.

Ary (he/him): Ary became a Sens fan during the peak of the Battle of Ontario in the early 2000s, siding with Marian Hossa, Martin Havlat, and the exciting, underdog Senators despite living in Toronto. He's passionate about the NHL Draft, the inner workings of hockey operations, and making hockey more inclusive. He's written for Silver Seven since 2014.

Owen Welch (he/him): Born and raised in Ottawa/Outaouais and grew up with the Senators. Contributor at Silver Seven since 2019 with a special interest in prospects.

Spencer Blaker (he/him): Growing up surrounded by Leafs fans in Southwestern Ontario, the origin of Spencer's Sens fandom is still a bit of a mystery. Perhaps he liked red more than blue, perhaps he just liked to go against the grain and be different from his friends. Either way, an early interest in the game grew into die hard fandom during the early and mid 2000s thanks, in large part, to the pizza line. He's been covering Belleville and Ottawa for Silver Seven since 2017.

Nada Alg (she/her): Born in London, ON, Nada was destined to become a Leafs fan but being the rebel that she is, fell in love with the Sens instead; a sometimes painful, but often rewarding decision. Nada has been writing for Silver Seven since 2018.

Shaan Malik (he/him): A local fan who's been following the Sens since 2007-08. The team making the Final the year before is purely a coincidence. He's been writing for Silver Seven since October 2019.

Brad T (he/him): Brad started out as an Oilers fan, but drifted away after a certain trade and eagerly jumped on the Sens bandwagon the moment the franchise was awarded. Brad joined the Silver Seven staff in 2013.