Binghamton Senators 2nd Quarter Grades

Heading in the right direction is the BSens as the second quarter is under wraps with the team a point out of the playoffs

The second quarter is up and time to take a look at the players and how everything is progressing in the annual Quarter Grades Report for the Binghamton Senators. After a disappointing 1st Quarter Grades report, Binghamton has turned the season around with some success in the last 19 games as they finished the second quarter at 11-7-1-0 and an overall record of 16-19-2-1 for 35 points, good for 5th place in the North Division and a point out of a post season spot.

My grade number is posted first, followed by a second number that represents the panel’s vote. Their vote was divided by the seven members, then applied to a letter grade that is broken down by the following;

Grade Percentage

A+ 97.00–100.00

A 93.00–96.99

A− 90.00–92.99

B+ 87.00–89.99

B 83.00–86.99

B− 80.00–82.99

C+ 77.00–79.99

C 73.00–76.99

C− 70.00–72.99

D+ 67.00–69.99

D 63.00–66.99

D− 60.00–62.99

F 0.00–59.99

The first set of numbers represent the 1st Quarter results as a comparison.


By the numbers; Allowed 118 goals with an average of 3.11 per game and 27.03 shots on average against while the PK is at 76.6% for 27th position

#6 *Andreas Englund 1st, 83 / 85  B 2nd, 88 / 88.16  B+

(31gms, 1g 4a) I like this guy immensely and so does the panel as he brings a physical side of him that fits his big body. Covers his position well and his transition to the smaller rink doesn’t seem to effect him at all.

#7 Chris Carlisle 1st, 80 / 77.16 C+ 2nd, 84 / 82.67 B-

(37gms, 2g 9a) Showed some confidence with his puck display and passing, but still comes up short on man-to-man coverage at times.

#15 Chris Rumble 1st, 70 / 71.66 C- 2nd, 82 / 84.5 B

(28gms, 4g 11a) Good puck mover and  reliable d-man. Likes to shoot and put some points on the board. Lacks the physical game but someone to keep an eye on the rest of the way.

#21 Michael Kostka 1st, 71 / 79.16 C+ 2nd, 74 / 71.66 C-

(35gms, 1g 10a) It’s been a downhill spiral for the veteran as I’m somewhat befuddled after a season short of representing the club at the All-Star Event last season. Missing that smile he once had as age is starting to creep in.

#23 Patrick Sieloff 1st, 72 / 79.83 C+ 2nd, 78 / 82.16 B-

(33gms, 2g 6a) His play has shown signs of improvement but he’s basically an average player on the blueline. Discrepancy with the grade with the panel higher than what he’s worth.

#24 Ben Harpur 1st, 68 / 65.16 D 2nd, 69 / 74.5 C

(31gms, 1g 10a) Found his offensive groove as of late but still gets nervous with the puck behind his own net that has led to some costly turnovers. I have been hard on him then what the panel might have thought with their higher grade input, but my patience has just about run out.

#28 Guillaume Lepine 1st, 79 / 73.66 C 2nd, 82 / 79.66 C+

(29gms, 1g 1a) One of two fighters on the club that is a dying breed, but plays threat physical role which will never go away. Fan favorite and one of the good guys you can’t help to root for.


By the numbers; They have scored just 94 goals to rank 27th with an average of 2.47 per game and 29.26 shots on average while the power play stands at 13.4% for 29th spot of the 30 teams. Special team play has been atrocious on both ends, with little signs of improvement.

#8 Kyle Flanagan 1st, 83 / 85.42 B 2nd, 86 / 86.14 B

(31gms, 4g 11a) Missed a couple of weeks due to injury but has been one of the more consistent players when he’s healthy. Great play-maker and visionary that has been a boom for the offense. Crafty is a word that comes to mind.

#9 *Alex Krushelnyski 1st, 72 / 72.4 C- 2nd, 79 / 75.14 C

(23gms, 2g 1a) Belongs in the lower level but fills the role as a body. Perhaps the panel was more accurate with their grade than I was. Gotta rethink this one and pay closer attention, see what he can do next quarter.

# 10 Buddy Robinson 1st, 74 / 76.91 C 2nd, 87 / 86.42 B

(31gms, 7g 5a) Decent play as of late but still can’t finish on his creation of shorthanded breakaways. I might have been on the high side with him but the panel seems to agree.

#12 *Jack Rodewald 1st, 80 / 80 B- 2nd, 92 / 93.28 A

(29gms, 12g 7a) “..might earn him a permanent home here in Binghamton.” And with that he’s finally been signed to a SPC and has been the biggest surprise of the season. Has the knack to produce that just comes naturally for some and he’s one of them. Not to bad defensively as there is work to do, but the potential is there for a complete package player.

#13 Nick Paul 1st, 83 / 75 C 2nd, 84 / 84.14 B

(35gms, 4g 11a) A gruesome skate cut would stick out in the quarter but has shown some promise, although I don’t think it’ll be for the next level, but I’ve been wrong before.

#14 Mike Blunden 1st, 84 / 85 B 2nd, 79 / 77 C+

(33gms, 4g 7a) The team’s Captain has missed some time recently after suffering a concussion. I’ll admit, it’s been a struggle in his role as the team leader after his time in Syracuse

#16 Chad Nehring 1st, 73 / 77.4 C+ 2nd, 76 / 74 C

(26gms, 1g 8a) Huge disappointment with him finally netting his first goal of the season last Sunday in Hershey. Just meh. However I didn’t know what to expect with him coming in during the off-season.

#17 Max McCormick 1st, 84 / 83 B 2nd, 84 / 85.57 B

(32gms, 10g 8a) My man Max. Mad, crazy, hard working, best celly’s, sticks up for his teammates, doesn’t put up with any shit, coaches favorite, drops the gloves, gives 110%. My man Max.

#18 *Gabriel Gagne 1st, Inc. 2nd, 70 / 69.57 D+

(18gms, 0g 0a) Needs to be the lower league as he has been thrust into the fire where he hasn’t shown he belongs. It’s just so early and a waste of a roster spot, as well as his development. I don’t understand why he’s here other than to replace Stortini, which I don’t necessarily agree.

#19 Jason Akeson 1st, Inc.2nd, 92 / 88.71 B+

(20gms, 3g 13a) Has been what was needed on this club with a veteran status and an offensive touch. This was the type of player needed with a point per game average he brings on a nightly basis. Down fault is his defense, or lack of, with him getting knocked off the puck often.

#22 Phil Varone 1st, 88 / 86.16 B 2nd, 90 / 91 A-

(32gms, 10g 14a) I see a more mature player emerging that seems to be enjoying himself as of late, and it’s been fun to watch. In tense player that grinds his way around the cage.

#25 Casey Bailey 1st, 86 / 86.66 B 2nd, 93 / 93.71 A

(33gms, 10g 5a) Smart player with great ice vision as he continues to put up numbers in the second quarter at an alarming rate. Lone representative as the team’s All-Star selection to take place in Lehigh Valley.

#27 *Francis Perron 1st, 82 / 78.66 C+ 2nd, 83 / 83 B

(35gms, 5g 6a) Has the ability but needs time in his adjustment to the pro level. Gets bumped off the puck rather easily and the league has caught wind of his lethal wrist shot, He just needs to take his play to the next level and create space so he can produce. Wouldn’t hurt if he gained a few pounds in the process.

#45 Zack Stortini 1st, 60 / 65.66 D 2nd, Inc.

(22gms, 2g 1a) Played in just three games in the second quarter with a healthy scratch status in what will most likely be his last year. Would make an excellent assistant coach as players love him in the locker room.


#29 Matt O'Connor 1st, 80 / 77 C+ 2nd, 72 / 73.5 C

(8-10-1-0, 2.86 GAA, 0.898 SV%) Improved somewhat on the wins and losses column but lost a save percentage of 0.001 from the first quarter. That’s not improving but maintaining. Problems developing with the lack of confidence in close games as he’s prone to give up a late goal. Needs to show maturity on the ice and not let the fan-base rile him up so easily after he lets in a soft goal or two.

#33 Chris Driedger 1st, 92 / 88 B+ 2nd, 94 / 89.16 B+

(8-6-2-1, 2.74 GAA, 0.907 SV%) 0.017 SV% point improvement is non-withstanding but he has the ability to steal games whereas O’Connor hasn’t. Very quick reflexes and keeps his rebounds to a minimum. Good lateral movement and has a quick glove. A rather big discrepancy between my grade and the panel, but I just really liked what I saw out of him lately with his solid work between the pipes.

Coaching Staff 1st, 81 / 80.33 B- 2nd, 87 / 84 B

My theory is Kurt Kleinendorst is not a players coach. His track record has proven that in the past. But he is a very smart man and knows how and when to adapt. This 2nd quarter results has proven my thoughts as he has this team fired up and playing well despite the lackluster engagement in the 1st quarter. This team likes to win and gets along with good chemistry. So much so that Max McCormick is the best in his goal celebrations that he bounced so hard off the glass during a recent game he fell to the ice. He got up all smiles as his comrades joined his jubilant antics.

Bold move in sitting last year’s Captain Zack Stortini, but it had to be done as he has gone flat-line mold including his ability to fight. That might had rubbed off a few in the locker-room but time heals all wounds in moving forward.

~ Comments from the Panel

Second quarter picked up some momentum in the right direction.  Consistency is still a problem so not sure what to expect in the third.  Hopefully we can go into it with a little more confidence knowing they  are capable of beating a team like Hershey. The goalie situation is a  concern, but hoping for the best. ~ Erin Lynn

I'm pleasantly surprised by how this quarter went for the BSens &  because of this I'm more optimistic for the rest of the season! ~ Alicia Strauch

Despite hearing from the grapevine that the players do not really enjoy  Coach's policies, the team is finally starting to gel. I've heard  several fans whisper that last time the team looked like this was  Coach's first stint back in 10-11. And we all know how that ended.  Breath is bated by the fans and I can't help but wonder if they're  right. Half a season left and the team is on a hell of a roll. Time will  tell. ~ Crazy Joe

Substantial improvement from last quarter as I commented on what I was  looking for last quarter. Winning record since re-acquiring Akeson and  even more so with Driedger in net. I think we can make the playoffs if  Ottawa doesn't {f***} us over. ~ MVK

The BSens have improved significantly over the last quarter. That being  said, it still feels like they only play when they want to play. I think  we'd all appreciate seeing consistent, full 60-minute efforts from the  team. I'm looking forward to the next half of the season. ~ Emily Rose

~ In Summary

As the final half of the season approaches for the Binghamton Senators, the team has given the fans some optimism with the new playoff format that has created some division rivalries with every team in hoping to make the playoffs. But let’s remember, they are at the bottom of the league record wise and have their work cut out for them to reach the post-season.

And they’ll need to finish seventh within the conference to put aside the possibility of facing likely #1 seeded rival Wilkes-Barre/Scranton in the first round. That’s quite a hill to climb, but there’s still a half a season to go and anything can happen that starts with the third quarter.

* = Rookie

Inc = Incomplete

** = Voting Panel Members; Emily Rose, Alicia Strauch, Erin Lynn, MVK, Keith Hopkins, Buckles_27 & Crazy Joe.

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