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Weekly Question: Who is Ottawa Most Likely to Leapfrog in the Standings?

The Senators are now poised to be a playoff team, but who can they jump over in the standings?

Tempering Our Expectations This Off-Season

While we’re all hoping for a big splash or two, we should probably be tempering our expectations in terms of trades and free agency

Weekly Question: Who is Your Favourite Forward Target?

This week we ask: who is your favourite forward you think the Senators should acquire this off-season?

The Trickle-Down Effects of Possibly Losing Connor Brown

The Senators can withstand losing Connor Brown, but it makes things much more complicated if he’s gone

Five Thoughts for Friday

Thoughts on Dylan Strome, the offside rule, the upcoming draft, and more!

Cost Per Pointcast, Ep. 100: A Final Farewell ft. Ian Mendes

On the final episode of the Cost Per Pointcast, Ian Mendes joins the show to discuss the passing of Eugene Melnyk and what the upcoming summer could look like for the Senators

2022 NHL Draft Profiles: USDP Skaters

Analyzing three prospects from the US Development Program that the Senators could take 7th overall

Weekly Question: Which Players are Untouchable?

Ottawa might be looking to wheel and deal this off-season, so which players are untouchable for you?

Ottawa Senators Sterling Predictions Revisited, Part 2: Trades

Revisiting pre-season predictions about trades in the 2021-22 season

Five Thoughts for Friday

Thoughts on McGuire’s tenure, staying at 7th overall, the pressure being on, and more!