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Victor Mete: Year in Review

We take a look at Ottawa’s only arbitration-bound player

Five Thoughts for a Friday

When you’re happy for Joey and no one else in the Kraken organization

Mock draft, Expansion Draft, and Off-Season Tales of Interest

It’s your Monday Links, News, and Notes

2021 Ottawa Senators Prospect Awards: MVP

The Wolverine has arrived

Playoff Open Thread: July 2nd

Prospect Awards: Writer’s Choice

We take a break from the usual format as the power shifts to the staff.

2021 Prospect Awards: Top Newcomer

And the award for most anticlimactic award goes to

Monday LNN

It’s your Monday edition of Links, News, and Notes

Weekly Question: Achilles’ Heel

What do you consider the Sens’ greatest weakness after watching the team in 2021

2021 Prospect Awards: Best Goaltender

Who will carry the torch for the likes of Emery and Lehner?