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Training Camp Check-in: September 22nd

NHL camp starts today!

Monday LNN

It’s your Monday Links, News, and Notes

Top 25 Under 25, #4: Josh Norris

We’re all out of superlatives

Top 25 Under 25, #5: Drake Batherson

Drake Batherson [handshake meme] Top Five

Weekly Question

Is this really about Brady?

Thursday LNN

It’s your Thursday Links, News, and Notes

Ottawa Senators Top 25 under 25, #14: Ridly Greig

The Sens’ peskiest prospect continues his ascent

Five Thoughts for a Really Quiet Friday

It’s an article about nothing—just the way we like it

Anton Forsberg: Year in Review

I know you love goalies, and I asked the clerk which is the one every Sens fan wants

Colin White: Year in Review

Your father would like to have a word with you