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Managing Editor at Silver Seven Sens

NHL Play-off Weekly Recap: Round 2 Edition

And then there were eight

Ottawa Senators 2021-22 Report Cards: Roundtable and Grades Revealed

We reveal the staff’s grades and discuss the year that was

Ottawa Senators 2021-22 Report Cards: Forwards

We kick off the annual report cards with the forwards!

NHL Play-offs Open Thread, Friday May 6th

The tension is starting to rise

NHL Play-offs Open Thread, Monday May 2nd

Let the fun begin!

Lafleur Ceremony, Ovechkin Injury, Golden Knights on the Brink, and More!

It’s the Monday edition of Links, News, and Notes

Who are the Ottawa Senators’ Biggest Rivals?

The Ottawa Senators at the Crossroads

The time for real change has arrived

Ottawa Senators Defeat Boston Bruins 3-2 in Raucous Affair

It felt like a play-off game

DJ at the World Championships, Norris’ Breakout Season, PWHPA News and More!

It’s the Thursday Edition of Links, News, and Notes