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Cost Per Pointcast: Big Daddy

Discussing Dadonov joining the Sens, RFAs signing contracts and more!

Cost Per Pointcast, Ep 78: Draft Week Disappointment

Wrapping up a defining moment in franchise history.

Mock Draft: Ottawa Senators Select Helge Grans with No. 28 Pick

Making our third and final pick in the SB Nation mock draft, swinging for the fences on a talented defenceman.

DRAFT DAY: 2020 Expected Pick Range

Wondering what the public consensus says about the 2020 NHL draft? Look no further.

Discussing the 2020 NHL Draft

To conclude their annual draft coverage, Colin and Ary update readers on how they evaluate prospects, talk draft strategy, and set expectations for the Senators’ draft class

2020 NHL Draft: Ranking the Top 62 Prospects

My personal ranking for the 2020 NHL draft.

NHL Mock Draft: Ottawa Senators select Lucas Raymond with No. 3 pick

2020 NHL Draft Profiles: Goalies

In recent years, the Sens have liked to take at least one netminder per draft. Here are some of the top options available to them this year.

Cost Per Pointcast: The Final Draft Preview

Looking at every scenario, possible picks, and hopeful outcomes for the 2020 NHL Draft.

Weekly Question: What are Your Favourite Memories of Anderson and Ryan?

Let’s take a trip down memory lane.