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Game 20 Hub: Senators @ Ducks

It’s the movable object against the stoppable force for your afternoon viewing

Game 19 Hub: Senators @ Golden Knights

Bright light city gonna set the season, gonna set the season on fire (one way or another)

Game 16 Hub: Sabres @ Senators

It’s getting really late pretty early

Game 13 Hub - Sens at Devils

The Sens hope to stop the streak on the road

Sens Officially For Sale

The long rumoured and speculated upon sale is moving forward

Game 7 Preview + Open Thread: Wild @ Sens

The home stand wraps up with a visit by Minnesota

Game 4 Preview + Open Thread: Caps @ Sens

Sens look to keep the home stand rolling and get their first winning streak of the year

Training Camp Open Thread: Ottawa Senators vs Montreal Canadiens 4

The Senators wrap up their pre-season schedule in Bouctouche, NB

Tim Stützle Signs 8yr Extension

Dorion drops the news about the $66.8m contract during the season preview event

Del Zotto Waived for Buyout

MDZ had one year left on his contract