Appendix: What Your Season Ticket Holder Dollars Get You Around the League

Summary of all 30 NHL teams' STH perks

UPDATE 12:05 am March 20: As mentioned in the main article "there is the potential for a large margin of error when it came to accumulating the data". This update is meant to address that. I was made aware of perks that were missed for some of the teams (credit to Reddit for a few of them) and I will be commenting on them below. I will not be changing the rankings, as that would affect the integrity of the original piece. However, I will mention how this new information would have likely affected the rank of said team. Also, as a reminder, all the charts are based on a typical full season ticket holder and I do suggest taking a look at the appendix to view teams' perks in more detail (e.g. whether or not the meet and greet events are open to all season ticket holders, or just those with a full season). Do keep in mind that I may discuss perks/events open to the general public, but they would not impact the actual season ticket perk rankings.

2. Washington Capitals

I was told that photos are not actually allowed at the meet and greet event, but discouraged (meaning you can usually get them if you ask). This would have maybe dropped the Capitals down a rank depending on how strict they were with photos (but based on photos of the event, it seems to be lax).

6. Florida Panthers (Thanks to @trashnewton)

It appears the Florida Panthers offer additional benefits to new STHs who signed up their draft party last season. One was given two free jerseys (one for each ticket), a team signed stick, and a team signed puck. This would not have affected their rank though as I don't consider perks for new STHs as real perks as they are unavailable to the majority of STHs.

10. Carolina Hurricanes (Thanks to @jbk_ltd and @NHLCanes)

The additional perks chart for the Carolina Hurricanes was inaccurate. They do in fact offer extra tickets, discounted parking, and credit/cash back (in the form of food/beverage credit up to 10% of their STH package). One additional event was missed as well which is the Caniac Cookout (for early renewals) that features food and beverage along with a meet and greet with select players. The Hurricanes offer a rewards program as well, but it is open to the general public. The team also hosts several open events to the public which include autograph sessions. As strong as these missed perks are, they would have likely only moved the Hurricanes up a spot or two.

11. Edmonton Oilers

Not sure on the details, but I had it mentioned that Edmonton Oilers STHs are given $300 worth of "Oilers bucks" which is essentially team credit. This might have been enough to move them up a rank as that credit could be used towards something like a team jersey.

14. Detroit Red Wings

Video of the Detroit Red Wings meet and greet can be found here.

15. St. Louis Blues

STHs for the St. Louis Blues are also given an exclusive meet and greet event with Louie (the team mascot). This is a good perk for kids, but seeing as you can meet the mascot at any game; this perk has no effect on their rank.

29. New York Rangers (Thanks to @BlkNBlueShirts)

The New York Rangers do offer a parking discount as well as team gift for STHs. As well they host a Q&A forum event with 4-5 players. However, it doesn't offer any autograph or photo opportunities. In addition, longer tenured Rangers STHs appear to get invited to additional events (none of which are meet and greets). These perks would probably have not moved the Rangers from their current rank.

30. New York Islanders (Thanks to @alerner31)

Before placing the New York Islanders in the last spot, I tried to do my due diligence by checking their site and Reddit to fact check, and they both correlated with what I was told. However, I was emailed a chart by a team employee that doesn't appear to be available on their website, which lists a large number of perks that I was not aware of. Combined with first hand info from another STH the additional perks chart should have included a team gift, 20% off at the team store and discounted parking. In addition, it appears the Islanders do host a meet and greet event. From what I was told it's held at a local amusement park and offers the chance for both autographs and photos. Entry cost is $20, and STHs are given exclusive access for two hours before it is opened to the general public. The chart supplied to me also mentions a "decades" meet and greet along with a town hall meeting. As well, I was informed by the employee that the team hosts suite nights for STHs as well as public autograph sessions at their team stores in which STHs are given first access. STH's kids are also given the chance to ride the Zamboni or be in high-five area to high-five the players prior to them stepping on the ice. If these perks are accurate, the Islanders would have probably placed around the 11-14 range. It appears the Islanders have to make their fan base more aware that the culture is changing around STH perks.


I have included the appendix below which lists a brief summary of each NHL team's perks. I may mention past/future perks, perks for 100 level club season ticket holders and events that are available to the public. These are solely to offer additional information for those who are curious, but had zero impact on the rankings. Some teams will have links which will lead to websites, images, and videos to give you a better idea of those teams' perks. One note is that the two terms mainly used for those who own season tickets are SSO (season seat owner) or STH (season ticket holder). I will be using the latter (STH) throughout the appendix. I also use the words benefits and perks interchangeably throughout, both mean the same thing in my mind. All meet and greets are held at the teams' arena unless otherwise noted.

1. New Jersey Devils (Thanks to an HFBoards user):

The New Jersey Devils benefits list can be found here. Some of the perks include 10% off at the team store, free tickets and random upgrades, an annual STH gift, as well as an entry to the Dream Prize Giveaways (for STHs who paid in full during their renewal). The Dream Prize Giveaways are done every game between March 7th through April 4th and include prizes such as 4 tickets to any concert, a skate with the Alumni, a game worn jersey, 4 Winter Classic tickets, access to the owner's suite during the NHL draft, a full season of premium parking, and 4 clubs seats in the ice lounge. Some perks take into account location/tenure/money and the Devils are planning to institute a new rewards program that takes into account those three factors next season, so things will be changing.

The Devils host multiple meet and greet events. For the past few years, based on tenure, STHs got to choose 1 to 3 "Experience" events which included a Team BBQ featuring all the players, a Team Skate where you get to skate on the ice and get autographs from each player, and a Private Practice (which hasn't occurred yet this season). They also have an End of Year Awards event where, in the past, you could meet and get autographs from players. These events are held randomly throughout the year whenever the ticket staff can find an off day the players have on a home stand and run for 2-3 hours. You can meet as many players as you can in the event time frame (with star players having longer lines than the others). Autographs are allowed at all the events except the BBQ and photos are allowed at all the events in some capacity. You must provide your own items to get signed, but the team will provide sharpies. Free food is usually provided at these events, and they usually feature other events for kids such as small games of floor hockey and face painting. However, there does appear to be a lack of extra things to do for adults at these events.

In addition to the meet and greet events, the team hosts several other events for STHs. These include the "State of the Franchise" (a meeting with the CEO and owner discussing the franchise's state and future), "Hockey 101" (Devils Alumni host a basic hockey seminar for fans in the stands while showing off things on the ice), the opportunity to skate and take photos on the ice, an ice cream catered suite and others. All these perks have remained the same for the last 3-4 years with the team continuing to provide a wide variety of events.

2. Washington Capitals (Thanks to a Reddit user):

The Washington Capitals appear to not offer many perks for their non-full season ticket packages; it's essentially all or nothing. All seat locations get the same perks, except for the premium "VIP" sections which only include the first 2 rows behind the glass. Full STHs are known as Club Red 365 members. The latest newsletter for them can be found here and the full list of newsletters can be found here. Some example of perks include a 10% discount at the team store, free tickets to the Washington Mystics basketball team, STH credit depending on where you sit, an annual gift (previous years have included duffel bags, team jackets, and autographed framed pictures). The Capitals also have a rewards point system where points are accumulated for simply being a STH and grow with seniority and by attending certain events. These points can be redeemed for additional perks such as team memorabilia and apparel, free meals and drinks, and on-ice photographs.

The Capitals do host a meet and greet event for their full STHs. They reserve the local Six Flags amusement park for this event. It is usually held in October on a weekday evening and lasts several hours. The team usually makes all players available (for example, Alex Ovechkin has attended every meet and greet event the past few seasons). You can meet any player you wish, but the amount you'll be able to see depends on who you choose. Star players lines are longer than those who aren't. You can obtain both photos and autographs. Once the players have fulfilled their autograph duties they will get in line and ride roller coasters with the fans. The team also provides free food at the event. There are a ton of pictures of this event over at RMNB.

In addition to the meet and greet event, full STHs also get numerous other free events such as skating events and movie nights (at the arena) which include food. They also host paid events exclusive to full STHs, like a Night at Nationals Park (the home of the MLB's Washington Nationals). For the past five years, the Capitals perks have remained the same.

3. Nashville Predators (Thanks to Christina @ctina352213 & Lisa @PredHead35 & Marty Party from HF):

The Nashville Predator's perks are based on your package type, and the majority of them are only available to full STHs. Some of them include extra tickets, discounts on food ($0.50 to $1.00 off most items), 20% off at the team store (sometimes 30%), and a name on the wall at Bridgestone Arena for those who kept their tickets during the lockout. The team also provides gifts in the STH ticket box sent out which included a 15 year anniversary book, a 15 year tumbler cup with a lid, stickers, coupons to places around town, a new lanyard for their STH card (used for digital tickets). In addition full STHs were given a Predators pullover which is being sold at the team store for $90 (in the past they've given jerseys, next season is a hoodie and a free membership to skate during open skates at a new facility they're building). On top of all this, the Predators also have "Smashville Rewards" where points are accumulated for different things (such as attending games or how much money you spend on season STH tickets) and can be redeemed for merchandise, tickets, etc.

The Predators did hold a meet and greet event, but it was only available for full STHs. It was held in early September and lasted around two hours. The whole team was available including prospects attending training camp such as Simon Moser and Filip Forsberg. Different tables are set up with different players for certain time periods. You can meet as many players as you can in the time frame. There are professional photo booths, autograph tables (sharpies and photos are provided by the team), and games where you can play air hockey, foosball, or corn hole against players. There was also complimentary soda and popcorn at the event. The Predators also host several meet and greet events for the public. In addition to the meet and greet event, STHs are invited to exclusive practice sessions and locker room tours. Since the addition of the Rewards program, the Predators perks have definitely improved the last few seasons. Heck, you might even get the chance to meet Mike Fisher's wife!

4. Columbus Blue Jackets (thanks to Elaine @imaraindancer):

The Columbus Blue Jackets no longer have their 2013-2014 perks list available on their site, but they do have the ones for 2014-2015 up here. Perks are based on whether you are a full/half/quarter STH, but the large majority of event perks are available to all. Some that are exclusive to full STHs are participation in the "Tunnel of Pride" (opportunity to high five and cheer players as they make their way to the ice), 15% off at the team store, 20% off food and beverages (also available for half STHs), a free food night, guarantee to receive all promotional items, and access to the Rewards program where you can cash in points earned for food, beverage, or merchandise. Each player also personally delivers season tickets to 3-4 random STHs, so around 40-60 STHs will get their tickets delivered to them by a player. STHs also get a percentage of their season ticket cost back in team credit.

The main meet and greet event is held right before the trade deadline at the Nationwide Arena. It features the entire team and players play games with fans, make them drinks, and teach them how to take face-offs. It is open to all STHs and offers the opportunity for autographs. Photos are discouraged, but the players will often break that rule. A video of this season's event can be found here. In addition to this event, STHs are also invited to special "Morning Skates" which are held on Saturdays during the Jackets practice and also feature a Q&A after the skate (usually with opposition teams' media personalities). This season they also held a "Pre-Olympic" party at the local Casino. Not everyone was invited to this event, but those who were got to mingle with Bob, Arty, Nikitin, Tyutin, and Coach Todd Richards and eat a spread of food to die for.

Full STHs get access to two additional events. One is a Zoo meet and greet event. Everyone goes to the zoo to meet players and there is a program for them to watch (kind of like a newlyweds game). Like the main meet and greet event, autographs are allowed, but photos are discouraged (although they still occur). Another is a holiday skate party on the ice at Nationwide Arena (no players, just staff and fans). Full STHs also receive a special photo each year. This year's was a picture of Bobrovsky and actual netting from his Vezina run. The Jackets also now have a STH site that you can see. For more info on their events, check out Elaine's blog

5. Tampa Bay Lightning (Thanks to MattM92 on HF and @Nicole__Thomas):

The Tampa Bay Lightning don't have the perks for this season available anymore, but you can find next season's here. There doesn't appear to be any major differences for the perks between the different types of STHs for this season. Some of the perks include a free jersey (with personalization) that has a chip in the sleeve that is used for discounts at the Forum. It's used to get 25% off concession food/drinks and 35% off of merchandise. There is also a discounted parking rate to the parking garage right on the Forum Plaza.

The Lightning does hold a meet and greet for all their STHs during the season. The event is a few hours long and usually all the players are made available. It's a pretty open event and you're allowed to meet as many players as you want during the event time frame and can get both photos and autographs. The team will usually provide free food and sometimes even vouchers for a free alcoholic drink or two. They will also have giveaways, raffles and prizes at these events. In addition, the Lightning always notifies STHs about other meet and greet events that are open to the public. In addition to the meet and greet, the team will sometimes host other events for their STHs such as showing movies at the Forum. Overall, the perks for the Lightning have substantially improved since 2005 when Jeff Vinik took over for both STHs and the public.

6. Florida Panthers (Thanks to Cheryl @BlueLiner55 & @Gravenger5):

The Florida Panthers perks can be found here. They are based on whether or not you are a full, half, or mini STH. However, beginning next season there will only be full and half season tickets available and perks will be based on those two. Tenure is taken into account as well for perks. Some of the perks included for all STHs are free tickets to extra games and/or concerts, a discount at the team store (10% for half, 20% for full), free popcorn at all Monday games, free birthday greetings on the scoreboard, and the opportunity to get a photo on the ice. Full STHs get additional perks such as free parking (other packages do get a discount) and 15% off concessions. Longer tenured STHs will get even more such as invitations to exclusive tenure parties.

The Panthers do host a meet and greet during the season (occasionally they will host two) for their STHs. The event is usually around two hours long and all the players are made available (even the injured guys on crutches). This year the meet and greet event took place after a game. Sharpies were provided for autographs. Photos are discouraged, but anyone who asked for one wasn't refused. In addition to the meet and greet event, the Panthers also host an exclusive STH skate around the holiday season on the arena ice. During the summer, the team will have additional skating sessions for STHs with Panthers alumni and media. Food is provided at this skating event. As an aside, the team usually hosts a few public events with the players each season which are an autograph session during training camp (doesn't happen every season) and several Panthers Live events (Q&A with three players followed by an autograph session).

Next season, the Panthers plan on beginning a loyalty program that will offer STHs points for things such as attending games and allow fans to select the benefits they want. The Panthers perks have remained constant the past few years, with just some differences in them.

7. Philadelphia Flyers (Thanks to PAZUZU on HFBoards):

The Philadelphia Flyers appear to offer no different benefits for their STHs based on their seating location. The full perks list can be found here. Some of the better perks include $50 in team credit, draws at each game exclusive to STH, and free entry to the Jr. Flyers club for children and grandchildren of STHs (includes special events like meeting Scott Hartnell). If you put down an early bird payment of around $200 you also get to pick one of three additional benefit packages. STHs also get a free gift from the Flyers season. This year they got two nice heavy glass mugs with the 2014 draft logo etched on it. Here is a picture of the bag and the mug itself. STHs also get two pages of perk coupons which can be seen here and here.

The Flyers do host a meet and greet for their STHs. This season's was held on October 9th, 2013 and called the Early Bird BBQ. It was only open to those who made early bird payments (although previous years had been open to every type of STH). Doors opened at 5:30 and lasted to around 8:30. All the players are available (including the stars). They usually have 2-3 guys in different locations all around the arena and you run around waiting in line trying to meet them all. Autographs are permitted, but photos are discouraged as there are signs posted that specify no candid photos, but some players allow photos anyways. The team provided sharpies (including silver paint markers). In past seasons the team provided a 16x24 team poster with every player's picture, but now only provide a blank paper with no player pictures. Depending on what players you decide to meet determines the amount you'll be able to see. In the past Mike Richards' line lasted over an hour and you would only be able to get several more after that wait. However, this season's was the least attended one in a while and you could meet over a dozen players. The Flyers also provide a voucher for free food for the event.

In addition to the meet and greet, they also host a Town Hall where you get to meet members of the front office (like Paul Holmgren) and ask them anything. This season's featured Ron Hextall who had just come on board. Free food is provided at the Town Hall (in the past it was a buffet in the Cadillac Grille, but the past two seasons have been finger food in the concourse). They also host three games a season which are STH appreciation nights, where they give away prizes like 50" flat screen televisions. In addition, the Wells Fargo Center has two exclusive joints (The Cadillac Grille and Cigar Bar) that you normally require a membership to access, but STHs get to check both of them out at certain times. In the past, the Flyers held an event called "New Faces" that was for new STHs. It was essentially a meet and greet with the entire Phantoms (AHL affiliate) roster. The perks may have been slightly better in past seasons (mainly due to the Phantoms being located in Philadelphia, now they're in Adirondack), but you can't say they've gotten worse.

8. Anaheim Ducks (Thanks to @Ducks54):

The Anaheim Ducks season ticket perks can be found here. To get the large majority of perks you must be a full STH, partials essentially only get playoff ticket priority and ticket price discounts. It doesn't matter where your seats are located; all locations get the STH benefits. Some examples of their perks are 10% off at the team store, exclusive STH coupons for the team store, and a package at the beginning of the season (usually includes a number of gifts such as a branded tote or backpack, STH license plate frame, and a STH pin and lanyard). They also provide STHs with a basic rewards program.

The Ducks do hold an annual meet and greet event called "Face Off Fest". It is only open to full STHs and they get one pass per seat owned. It is typically held in the first half of October and includes all the players on the active roster (including the stars and rookies that cracked the team). Injured players even attend depending on their injury. The event begins at 5pm and typically runs until 9:30pm. However, the players are only available for a portion of the event (usually 6:30-8:30). The players are stationed 2 to a table at various locations around the arena as well as the surrounding parking lot. As fans enter the event they are provided with a map of where each player is located, so lines begin forming at 5pm when the event begins.

You can line up at any table that you wish (with the stars having longer lines). At each table you're allowed one autograph per player, but typically no photos (although if you ask you can get them taken). You can meet as many players as you want that you can fit into the two hour time interval, including meeting the same player twice if you want to get an additional item signed. Usually the best strategy is to get in line for a more popular player early and then visit the less popular players afterwards who have the shorter lines. The Ducks do provide their players with black and silver sharpies and have 5x7 photos of each player available at their table if you don't have an item to get autographed.

Besides meeting the players, Face Off Fest includes free locker room tours, free skating on the arena ice, live music from a local band, and the opportunity to chat with coaches and color analysts in the broadcast booth and arena club restaurant. You are also provided with a voucher for a free hot dog meal with a soda and bag of chips. In addition, the arena provides free popcorn with no voucher required.

On top of the Face Off Fest, the Ducks also host several other events exclusive to STHs. In the past they have included suite parties with free food and drink, postgame skates on the arena ice, and the Skills Showdown, essentially like the All-Stars Skills competition (although this hasn't been done in the past few seasons). Overall, the perks have changed slightly, but have been consistently good for the most part.

9. Chicago Blackhawks (Thanks to @2ndCityHockey):

The full list of perks for the Chicago Blackhawks can be found here. STHs are provided with a "membership card" which provides discounts at the United Center and various partnering businesses. In addition, STHs usually receive a yearly gift with a retail value of approximately $75-100 which in the past has included flags, championship banners, books and DVDs.

The Blackhawks do host a meet and greet event for STHs at Navy Pier with some amazing holiday decorations. It's usually held around the holiday season and features plenty of interactive events for kids. The entire team is made available for autographs and pictures. The team supplies the players with sharpies and photos to sign and in addition each person is allowed to have one personal item signed. The meet and greet time is limited, so the number of players you can meet is dependent on whose line you wait in. Obviously, lines for Kane and Toews will be longer than those for Handzus or Brookbank. Photos from this incredible event can be found here and here. Video can be found here. They also offer their STHs other minor events such as getting a photo with the Stanley Cup. The perks have dropped slightly in the past few years, but that's to be expected when the STH base of 4200 in 2007-08 has increased to the STH base capacity of 13,500 that they have now.

10. Carolina Hurricanes (Thanks to @cindyammons):

The full list of perks for the Carolina Hurricanes can be found here. The perks do differ for full/half/quarter STHs, with the majority of perks only available to full STHs. All STHs receive items such as STH lanyards, ID badges, and ID cards and first access to purchasing tickets to community events (which are a great way to meet the players). In addition, the Hurricanes offer a discount at the team store primarily based on tenure.

The team does hold a meet and greet, but it is only available to full STHs. It's usually held around the time they start the preseason practices and lasts approximately 4-5 hours. All the players are made available at the event (although they usually don't bring any prospects). You can usually meet all of them at the event and you can obtain both autographs and photos. The team does provide sharpies to the players. The Hurricanes provide complimentary food at the event. Besides meeting the players, the coach gives a talk and John Forslund (the Hurricanes TV announcer) will usually do a Q&A. In addition to the meet and greet, the team holds two other events which are only open to full STHs. They are a closed practice and a pre-game skate.

11. Edmonton Oilers (Thanks to @ColinStasiuk):

The Edmonton Oilers' perks are not based on the type of package, tenure, or seating location, everyone gets the same perks. They include discounts on food and 15% off at the team store. The Oilers do host a meet and greet event for all their STHs. It is usually held late February and lasts around four hours. All the players from the team are available. You can meet as many players as you can fit in the two hour photo-op window (in which the Oilers take the photo for you and give them to you later online). Photos were only allowed for the "big stars". However, all other players were allowed to sign something. Guests were each provided with 3 free food items. Besides meeting the players there was a hot seat Q&A session. Video of the event can be found here. In addition to the meet and greet event, the team also hosts a team management Q&A at the start of the season. Over the past few years the Oilers perks have remained relatively the same.

12. Colorado Avalanche (Thanks to The Mars Volchenkov on HF) :

The Colorado Avalanche offers all their STHs the same perks regardless of how many games their package is and how much they spend. Some of these perks include extra tickets, 15% off at the team store, 20% off at a nearby restaurant, discounted parking, and a free gift each year (one year was an Avs chair, another was a free jersey and a cooler, and this year's hasn't been sent out yet).

The Avalanche do hold a meet and greet event for all their STHs (although next season it appears this will only be offered to full STHs based on the 2014-2015 perk list). It is usually held about a month or two into the season and lasts two hours. All the players are made available. You can meet as many as you want, but the way the event is set up, some are signing autographs, some are doing events, and others are taking photos. It's difficult to meet them all. The team provides sharpies to the players signing autographs and a team guide to fans who don't have anything to get signed. All concessions are free during the event. The events with the players are usually mini games like a shooting game or air hockey. Besides the meet and greet, STHs were invited to participate in a conference call for an hour and a half with Sakic and Roy. Overall, the Avalanche's perks have remained the same every year, save for the different items sent out.

13. Phoenix Coyotes (thanks to Todd Cassel @tudec):

The full perks list for the Phoenix Coyotes can be found here and it's based on the type of package and seating area. Some perks are 15% off at the team store, guaranteed in-arena giveaways, and discounts on parking (although previous year have been free).

The Phoenix Coyotes held a meet and greet session that was only available to full season ticket holders. It was held on February 24th, 2014 this season (and has usually been in Feb/Mar in the past). Full season club seat owners get a more intimate event, but the normal event is 3 hours long. The Coyotes did make all their players available for this event (minus the Olympic players this season due to timing). However, STHs are limited to visiting one of the two star players due to their popularity (this season was Doan and Bissonette; previous season was Doan and Smith). Bissonette was opened to everyone after the start of the event this season though. All other players are readily available. The Coyotes use a punch card to prevent you from visiting the same players twice.

You're only supposed to get autographs with the players as workers will prevent photographs. However, if you ask the player for a photo, he will lean forward giving you the chance to take a picture. No player declined a photo request. The team provided sharpies but not anything to get signed, but memorabilia was available on site to purchase. There was no free food this season, although there has been in the past (although club STH most likely get some). There are no other activities besides the meet and greet with the full team. Here are two photos from the event, one with Bissonette and another with Boedker.

On top of the meet and greet, the Coyotes usually host a skating event in their arena (usually around the holiday season). It depends on the season, but the team tends to always have an additional get together for STHs. For the past six seasons, the perks for Coyotes STHs have remained relatively the same.

14. Detroit Red Wings (Thanks to @bryangell13):

The Detroit Red Wings do offer their STHs a variety of perks which can all be found here. They are based on the type of package you have (e.g. full, half, etc.) and do not take into account seating area or tenure. The majority of perks are only available to full STHs. Some of these perks include the opportunity for free tickets to additional games, a free message on the scoreboard during the game of your choice, a Christmas gift, discounts at the team store and Hockeytown Authentics for a week at the beginning of December, a coupon booklet worth up to $200 for concessions and souvenirs, a free overnight stay at Motor City Casino & Hotel and entry into the 30 days of prizes (if you renew by the beginning of March) which include items such as four tickets to the Detroit Tigers opening day, $10000, etc. In addition, STHs get the choice of 1) an exclusive STH away game viewing party, 2) guaranteed bobbleheads from all of the bobblehead nights, or 3) an exclusive autographed photo.

The Wings do host a meet and greet for their STHs which is held mid-season. However, it is only open to full STHs. The event is three hours long, with the players available for two and a half hours. All players are made available, including the stars, unless they have extenuating circumstances which keep them from the scheduled date. You are allowed to meet as many players as you can within the time frame for autographs. Sharpies are provided to the players by the team (and the team gives each STH a Detroit Red Wings sharpie in addition). However, the team does not provide any items to get signed. Photos are available with the players, but only if you had paid your season tickets in full (instead of a payment plan). The photo opportunity is limited to one random group of players per STH. A food voucher is provided for all STHs to use during the event. Besides the meet and greets with the players there is also a variety of games/activities for kids and the opportunity to skate on the ice at the Joe Louis Arena and the chance to tour the locker room. In addition to the meet and greet event, the Wings do host other events for their STHs such as other opportunities to skate on the ice at the Joe Louis Arena and the away game viewing party at Motor City Casino (if selected as their perk selection).

15. St. Louis Blues (Thanks to @rwichard and @DanGNR):

The St. Louis Blues perks list can be found here. The majority of perks are only available to full STHs in Centre Ice Premier & Plaza Center or better. Some of the perks include a 10-15% discount at the team store and an annual gift each season (past seasons include 4 beer glasses, a long-sleeve t-shirt with the Blues 3rd jersey logo, a gym bag, a lunch bag, a replica of Al MacInnis' statue that's in front of the arena, and a STH plastic sign plaque with their name on it).

The team does host a meet and greet event for their STHs and they last for around 2-3 hours. This season's was a preseason practice & meet and greet (in the past they've had them during training camp and included all the prospects attending). After the practice they had four tables spread out on the concourse with multiple players at each signing no more than two items. You could probably get through around two of the tables in the time allotted. As mentioned, autographs were allowed. Photos aren't technically allowed, but some still happened. In the past the meet and greet events have included the front office and coaching staff who would usually participate in a town hall Q&A. For full STHs they host a special "Season Ticket Holder Party". In 2011 it was held at Dave and Busters, last season it didn't occur and this season they announced it as one of the perks, but it hasn't been scheduled yet. Full STHs are also invited to skate on the arena ice sometime during the season.

The Blues perks have remained the same year to year. One complaint STHs have is that the Blues will routinely offer promotions for the public to buy tickets and because STHs don't need the additional tickets they aren't able to take advantage of the promotional perks. The perks for the Blues are on an upswing the past few years after having declined from the early 2000s.

16. Dallas Stars (Thanks to @hockeynut333):
The Dallas Stars do offer more benefits to their full STHs compared to their half season counterparts. Generally half STHs won't be able to attend all the events that full STHs can. Other than that, there aren't any perks for where you are seated. The full perk list can be found here and includes perks such as 15% off at the team store.

The Stars do host a meet and greet event, but it's only open to full STHs. It is hosted right before the regular season begins and features all the players plus those who are still attending the training camp at the time. The event is usually two hours long. The players are spread out in groups of 4-5 in each corner of the upper and lower concourses in the arena. If you are quick you can usually meet 75% of the players in the given time. Photos with the players are not allowed due to time it takes (though some do happen). The players will each autograph one item and have black sharpies on them (you need to bring your own if you want something signed in silver/gold). Most players will have a stack of 3x5 photos of themselves that they will usually sign on top of your autographed item. Here are a couple of photos from the event: 1 2 3. In addition, the ice girls are wandering the concourse handing out trinkets, taking photos with fans, and signing autographs.

Depending on the season there could be no events, or several. This season, the Stars seem to be making an effort to win back their fan base as they are hosting multiple events. They include a STH jersey unveiling event, a holiday party with Stars Alumni (this appears to be the only one open for half STH), Mike Modano's Number Retirement Post-Game Celebration, and a Town Hall Meeting with General Manager Jim Nill and President/CEO Jim Lites. The Stars also normally give out 4-8 free tickets per season as well.

17. San Jose Sharks (Thanks to Scott Rux @sensei256):

The list of perks for full STHs for the San Jose Sharks can be found here. The Sharks' perks are divided into three tiers, full season in the lower Club seats, full season, and 10-game SharkPaks (quarter season). The perk list for these three tiers is unavailable on their site for this season, but is available for next season. SharkPaks are only available for the "less premium sections", while regular full season are available for all. There doesn't appear to be any different perks for different seat locations (aside from the Club section benefits) and tenure does not affect perks at all either (other than the timing when renewing your seats and trying to upgrade them).

The Sharks did hold a meet and greet event last season for STHs, and photos of it can be found here. It is usually held mid-season around February. All the players are available including stars and sharpies are provided (but STHs must bring their own items to be signed). In addition, the coaching staff and management were available as well. Personal photos were not allowed at all to keep the lines moving. There is no limit on the number of players you can meet, although you will be limited due to the length of the event. This meet and greet event is listed for the 2013-2014 season, so it's expected to still be announced.

In addition to the meet and greet event, the Sharks host "Ice Insights" which are panels exclusive to STHs. They usually host this event once or twice each season, and are done about two hours prior to a Saturday game. The speakers have been "The TV/Radio broadcasters", "The General Manager" or "The Coaching Staff". There is no agenda and is essentially a Q&A session. It's a great opportunity for STHs to directly ask questions to a coach/GM or to get an anecdote from the broadcasters. The team also provides food to all those in attendance.

The team also provides several additional perks of note. They receive a STH card that offers a 15% discount at the team store, a STH exclusive pin, a team photo, and often a yearbook. They also provide all their STHs a little present around Christmas. In past seasons they have given a nice backpack with the Sharks logo (three seasons ago), a Sharks branded commuter mug/thermos set (last season) and cookies in a Sharks tin (this season). The gifts have gone down in value the past few years, but they are still gifts, and the rest of the perks have remained constant, so as Scott put it "I'm grateful".

18. Los Angeles Kings (Thanks to @thegetawayplan9):

The list of perks for the LA Kings can be found here. The Kings perks are based on the type of package you have (i.e. half, full, etc.), not the seating level or amount of money you spend. For example, the team held an open skate at Dodgers Stadium a few days after the Stadium Series game, but only invited some of the most tenured STHs.

The Kings do hold a meet and greet event which is only open to full STHs. They only give two tickets to this event per account (even if you have more than two seats). It is usually held in the middle of the season when the team has a few days off. It is held in a unique location each year (one year they hosted at Dodgers Stadium, this year was at the LA Zoo). The event is three hours long. The team makes all players on the roster available, but you have to sign up for which line you want to be in. Each line usually has 4-5 players (with stars equally distributed). You can get one item autographed by each player. In past years they allowed you to take a photo with each player, but this past year they ended up cutting that in the middle of the event due to the lines not moving fast enough. The team usually provides free food (such as a hot dog, chips, and soda). They also have alumni and broadcasters on hand to meet as well. Depending on the event location, there can be exhibits to view as well. Other than that, there isn't much else to do at the event. A photo of the event can be found here. For the public, the Kings do host two events to meet the players including an autograph session with several players near the start of the season and a charity event where one pays to get in (around $80) and an additional $5-10 for every player you want to meet.

Some other perks for STHs include discount off team merchandise (% depends on tenure), a STH gift (one year it was a clear puck with water from the ice of Game 6 where the Kings won the Stanley Cup, while this season was a sweatshirt). They have also introduced a rewards site this season where you get points for things such as attending each game. The points can be redeemed for extra tickets, signed memorabilia, other items, and experiences such as riding the Zamboni. The team also has a STH of the game in which they honour a STH every game that has been with them for a long time. The STH of the game usually receives a jersey with their name on it, free dinner, and a LA Kings Schecter guitar (whose design changes each season, this one is from a few years ago). Some of the benefits for the Kings have declined over the past few years as the season ticket base has grown due to their recent playoff success.

19. Ottawa Senators (Thanks to @DJRezz):

The full perks list can be found here and the selections you can make are based on the amount you spend, tenure, and where your seats are located. Some of the additional perks are 20% off at the team store, discounted parking (free for full STHs with tenure of 5 years, or half STHs with tenure of 10 years), team credit/cash back based on your seat costs (with the former giving you a larger percentage), and ticket trades (being able to trade your tickets for a game of equal value through the team). In addition, for those who renewed for the upcoming 2014-2015 season, the Senators offered 10% back as well as entries into a draw for 10 big prizes such as a trip to the Heritage Classic in Vancouver or $1000 gift cards.

The Ottawa Senators held a meet and greet this season for STHs, but it was combined with the public meet and greet. It was held on September 21st, 2013. The public meet and greet consisted of two autograph sessions at different times with around a dozen players (including prospects) available for each. In addition, the public event featured a game worn equipment sale, an open practice/scrimmage, and a Q/A with Spezza/Methot/Kassian. The meet and greet event for STHs actually overlapped with the first public autograph session. STHs were each given a random number that allowed them to meet one of six random players (MacArthur, Phillips, Turris, Karlsson, Michalek, or Anderson). Photos and autographs were both allowed, and the team provided sharpies as well as a Sens poster featuring several players. Club STHs had their own event at the same time in a separate room and had access to players that the public and normal STHs didn't, such as Bobby Ryan. Here are three photos, one from the public event, the normal STH event, and the club STH event.

On top of the meet and greet, the Senators offer STHs first seating access to the development camp scrimmage during the summer which features all their prospects. Afterwards, the STHs are given a Q/A with management/coaching staff. This is followed by autograph/photo opportunities with all the prospects. The Senators do provide sharpies as well as a special 8.5x11 development camp photo to get signed if they wish. Due to time restraints, most STHs can only meet around half the players. This season the workers didn't stop people from taking photos with the players as they did in the past. The Senators also hosted a watch party at the Canadian Tire Centre to watch the Heritage Classic game on the jumbotron. They provided two free food items (pizza, pop, popcorn, fries, and hot dogs) as well as had two Sens alumni (Shaun Van Allen & Brad Marsh) on hand. They also had an equipment sale and a chance to get a photo in front of the dressing room, training room, and centre ice.

The Senators perks have definitely been declining the past few seasons, especially the meet and greet. Previous years' meet and greets have been only open to STHs and allowed them to meet multiple players (although most stars were absent) for photos and autographs (with around 60% of the NHL team in attendance as well as prospects attending the training camp). These events usually lasted two hours and also offered tours of the locker room and training room, inflatable rides for the kids, as well as roaming Alumni members (Ron Tugnutt, Laurie Boschman etc.).

20. Vancouver Canucks (Thanks to @NucksNiners):

The Vancouver Canucks perks are based on whether you have a full or half season package. Club seats get additional perks as well. The perks list can be found in the renewal package for 2013-2014. Some of the perks included for all include 20% off at the team store, access to the used equipment sale, and presale opportunities for other events held at Rogers Arena. In addition to these perks, the team offers custom benefits. STHs get to pick one of their choice which include saving on service charges during the Canucks single game pre-sale period, complimentary personalization on your tickets, or exchanging/upgrading your tickets for several games (depending on your ticket package). The Canucks have also just started a program that will honour STHs based on their tenure.

For events, the Canucks split them into two categories, "Event Invitations" and "Special Opportunities". All STHs get the former, while only full STHs get the latter. There is a large list of these events here. STHs select their top three "Event Invitations" and top five "Special Opportunities" and will be awarded one of each of your selections based on availability (a random draw is done for those events that have more requests to attend than spaces available).

"Event Invitations" include meeting several Canucks players for photos/autographs, attending a closed team practice, an open skate party at Rogers Arena, a road game viewing party, meeting the Canucks broadcasters, or meeting some of the Canucks executive team. "Special Opportunities" include tickets to a concert in Club 500, pair of passes to a local golf course, access to the Crossbar Lounge for the entire season, access to the Captains Room Buffet, a professional photo at centre ice, a tour of Rogers Arena, an in-game scoreboard message, getting a single item signed by a player of your choice, family night at Cineplex, pair of tickets to a Rogers Arena concert, autographed item to be used for charity, post-game press conference access, attending a morning skate with the media, sitting in the penalty box for warm-up, a suite for a preseason game, receiving a "jersey off the back", a cooking class with Chef David, watching HNIC After Hours live, having Fin (the mascot) attend your own private event, golf at the Canucks Charity golf tournament, and several more options for children. Depending on your luck, the perks for the Canucks can be incredible to mediocre.

21. Minnesota Wild (Thanks to @MinnesotaBurns):

The Minnesota Wild perks list can be found here. The majority of perks are available to all STHs. Some small perks examples are getting first dibs on unreleased game worn merchandise (which just happened after the Olympic break) and a discount (10-15%) at the team store. Players have also been known to personally deliver season tickets to long time STHs. Full STHs get additional perks such as a free yearbook and guide.

The Wild do not have a specific STH meet and greet (although they do host autograph sessions during the year at local team stores open to the general public). The Wild do have a Wild Rewards program for STH where points can be acquired for various purchases, attending games, watching games on TV, etc. They can be used to purchase memorabilia or bid on items such as post-game passes or autographed jerseys (this season they had Suter/Parise USA jerseys). The Wild Rewards program does offer the opportunity to meet players as well if that's what you decide to spend your points on.

The Wild host a prospect camp event in July that includes scrimmages, but it is an open event to the public. It includes a meet and greet session where all the prospects are made available for autographs and photos. The Wild do host two STH road trips (this season's were San Jose and Vancouver). STHs have to cover the cost for flight, game tickets, and hotel (which includes a shuttle to and from the game). They also host several meet up events around the city for STHs such as the STH Holiday Party which includes a locker room tour or the opportunity to skate on the arena ice. Photos can be found on the Wild's STH Twitter account.

One special perk they had this season was upgrading all STHs to a suite for free for a preseason game where STH reps were on hand to answer any questions and getting to know you on a personal level. The STH reps really appeared to try to get and know their customers on a personal level and weren't trying to get more money by trying to get people to upgrade their seats. Free food and beverages were provided. Overall, the perks have remained the same the past few seasons and as Burnsy puts it "I have been very satisfied with my season ticket holder experience. If I were to change anything, I wish the owner was a little more accessible. He is at every game cheering from his suite. It would be cool if he would wander the concourse during intermission and mingle with fans."

22. Toronto Maple Leafs (Thanks to Guy Gagliano):

The Toronto Maple Leafs only provide benefits to those who have a full season package. The better your seats, the better your perks (e.g. better discount on foods and free MLSE clothing apparel). Perks include discounted parking and discounts at the team store. Also, if you miss any game that included a giveaway, they will ship you the item afterwards. Players have also been known to deliver season tickets to random STHs.

All full STHs are invited to special events. Some of them are done for charity purposes, so you have to pay an additional amount if you want to attend (but remain exclusive to full STHs). For example, the big one is the players' gala which includes the players from all three MLSE teams (Toronto Raptors & Toronto FC). They do host several free meets and greets each season with each session having a few selected players. In addition, there is usually the opportunity to skate on the Air Canada Centre ice.

23. Calgary Flames (Thanks to Scott @mslepp):

The Calgary Flames perks appear to apply to all types of STHs regardless of their type of package. They include a STH gift each season (some of the good ones in the past have included photos of Miikka Kiprusoff and one from the Heritage Classic in Calgary), 25% discount at the team store, first chance to purchase tickets to high-price charity events (e.g. poker and golf tournaments), and discounted tickets to other events at the Saddledome. One new perk is the ability to print your tickets at home for free at no charge (previously charged $2.50-$5.00 per seat in the past).

The Flames do not host a meet and greet event. However, they do host a STH family skate event which does include the opportunity to meet several members of the team and get autographs/photos. STHs also get the chance to check out a used equipment sale where a few players are usually present. Over the seasons, the perks for STHs have definitely gotten worse. As Scott put it "I used to have 4 seats and I dropped 2 because I was sick of paying for the product and they didn't even try to get me to stay, which kind of surprised me."

24. Buffalo Sabres (Thanks to Ron @Veiders and Marc @mcslave8):

The Buffalo Sabres perk list can be found here. They are based on the seating level you are in, and full/half get better perks than those who have mini packs, including the Sabrebucks card. Those who are in the 200 level also get free passes to the Lexus Club Restaurant as well as reserved parking. Those on the Sabres Blue and Gold list (the season ticket waiting list) also get some perks. Each month, one game is designated as the Sabrebuck Game of the Month where STHs can get 300 Level II seats at the STH price. STHs also get a free in game message they can display on the jumbotron.

The Sabres do not host a meet and greet event (although there is a public autograph session following one of the preseason games). However, an hour before each game they phone around a dozen random STHs and invite them to an exclusive meet and greet with President Ted Black and VP of Ticket Sales John Sinclair. These dozen STHs and their guests (one each) get to talk to them about the team and ask any questions they may have. Free food and drink (alcoholic or not) are provided, as well as a tour of an unused locker room. Each STH receives a name plaque, a hat, and some additional free items. They also get to wait in the line outside the Sabres locker room to watch the team go onto the ice from the hallway behind the bench.

Besides that event, the team also hosts an annual/biannual skate on the arena ice for up to four people per ticket as well as locker room tours exclusive to STHs. They also offer discounts and offers for the Rochester Americans (AHL team). The perks for the Sabres have remained relatively the same, just changing. The team has been taking feedback from STHs regarding perks and may bring back the STH Carnival which was a meet and greet event which had been discontinued in the past.

25. Pittsburgh Penguins (Thanks to @hezmorris):

The full list of perks for the Pittsburgh Penguins can be found here. The Penguins benefits are mainly based on whether you are a full/half STH or just a waiting list member. Some of the perks are based on tenure as a STH (such as the opportunity to move from a half to full, or select your seat for the Stadium Series game). A few of the perks offered for STHs include coupons for free food, a 50% off coupon for the team store, a media guide, a yearbook, free tickets to other hockey related events at the arena (e.g. draft or, prospect game) and a holiday card & gift (previous seasons have included Penguins ear buds and a license plate holder & car stickers.

The Penguins do not host a meet and greet event, but they do have players deliver tickets to randomly selected STHs. They do host charity events throughout the year (open to the public) that do offer the chance to meet the players. In the past, the Penguins used to hold town meetings and tapings of "Inside Penguins Hockey" that were exclusive to STHs. These events had offered the chance to meet players.

Despite not hosting a meet and greet event, the team still does hold other events for their STHs. Around the holidays they host a skate at the Console Energy Centre (and had opportunities to take a photo with the Cup back in 2009). They also hosted watch parties for the Olympics that were only open to STHs (they usually hold similar random events like this every season). Over the past two seasons the benefits have remained the same for Penguins STHs.

26. Boston Bruins (Thanks to @ImmortalSork316):

The Boston Bruins do have varied perks that depend on tenure (based on the upcoming 2014-2015 season). Additional perks include discount on parking, 10% off a the Bruins Pro Shop as well as being able to purchase extra tickets to certain games, especially rivalry games with no ticket availability to the general public. The Bruins do not host a meet and greet event for the majority of their STHs (based on 2014-2015), only those who have been one for 10+ years (and only includes "select players"). However, they do host Skate on the TD Garden Ice as well as exclusive select home and away game parties for all STHs. The team also seems to be providing STHs with a holiday gift starting next season (didn't give out any this season). Overall the perks for the Bruins appear to be minimal for the average STH.

27. Montreal Canadiens (Thanks to Mike McLaren @MikeMcLaren):
The Montreal Canadiens STH perk list can be found here. Some benefits are exclusive to those who sit in the Club Desjardins section, but most are available to all STHs. Some examples of the perks exclusive to those in the Club Desjardins section include a private entrance, free all-you-can eat concession food and non-alcoholic beverages, complimentary coat check, name on the armrest of your seats, pre-sale passwords for concerts/events at the Bell Centre, and free membership to Restaurant 9-4-10. Perks available for all STHs include a 1-year complimentary subscription to the Canadiens magazine, access to the reselling portal "The Vault" and the ability to print tickets.

The Canadiens do not host a meet and greet event for STH. They do have a membership available to the Canadiens' adult fan club "First Line" which includes the opportunity to attend a Q&A session with club officials (including owner Geoff Molson and GM Marc Bergevin). It is not exclusive to the STHs, but available to everyone (at an extra charge). STHs do usually get an exclusive end-of-year skate party held at the Bell Centre, where they each get four tickets. Each participant does receive a concession meal as well. The perks for the Canadiens have marginally improved lately, but as Mike put it "As a Canadiens fan, there's something very special about simply being able to tell others you're a STH."

28. Winnipeg Jets (Thanks to @arcticicehockey and @unruhch):

The Winnipeg Jets offer minimal additional incentives for their STHs. Apart from a discount at the team store and early purchase rights for other arena events, there isn't much else. The Jets have implemented a Jets Rewards program for STH, in which they gain points for various purchases, attending games, watching games on TV, etc. You can eventually cash these points in for signed memorabilia, to meet a Jets player, tour the arena, draw the 50/50 ticket, get a suite, etc. There's a ton of great items to choose. The problem is it could take you years to accumulate enough points to get any of the better perks. In addition to the rewards program, the Jets do randomly select one STH after each home game to meet a player and receive the jersey off their back (as well as an autograph and photo).

29. New York Rangers (Thanks to David, Megustaelhockey on HF):

The New York Rangers benefits are mainly for full STHs, not those holding mini plans. The perks vary according to tenure more so than to their seat level. Seat level differences are only related to in-arena amenity perks such as a special entrance, club/restaurant access, and in-seat service. Differences in tenure will affect perks such as discounts at the team stores, discounts on food, and tenure recognition/photos on the ice. They also have perks exclusively for kids such as Zamboni rides, Rangers Stick Kid, and birthday parties.

The Rangers do not host an exclusive meet and greet for their STHs. However, they do usually host several meet and greets open to the public over the season (either for free, or for a charge that gets donated to their in-house charity, the Garden of Dreams Foundation). These include skating parties, community service events, autograph signings, ticket contests, and black-tie galas such as the NYR Casino Night. The perks for the Rangers have been reduced the last few years, but as David put it Rangers season tickets are considered "to be a privilege more than a luxury due to demand, so perks are probably fewer in number than on other teams."

30. New York Islanders (Thanks to @DSpogolf):

Apparently the NY Islanders offer their STHs essentially zero perks. They have the usual discounts off gate price, early ticket purchase access, playoff ticket discounts and a yearbook per account. They apparently held a skate on the ice session this season, but the letter arrived to a few STHs after the event had already happened. In fact, you could argue that smaller ticket packages get better benefits as the Islanders offered a six game pack (including the Stadium Series game) this season that included autographed pucks and a skate at Yankee stadium. STHs were not offered any of those perks.

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