Andrew Hammond returns from injury; Matt O'Connor returned to Binghamton

The Hamburglar/Anderson era in Ottawa can now officially start.

It has been confirmed that Andrew Hammond has returned from injury, leading Matt O'Connor to be returned to the AHL's Binghamton Senators.

This was hardly a surprising move, as it was known when Hammond went down with a groin injury that he'd be back in just a couple weeks. Matt O'Connor reportedly joined the Sens in part because he wanted at least a year to develop in the AHL and figured the team could give him that option. In a way, it's nice O'Connor got the chance to have his first career NHL start before heading down to the minors.

Though we had a few games of it last year, this is the true beginning of the Craig Anderson/Andrew Hammond era in Ottawa. With Ottawa playing back-to-back against the Blue Jackets and Penguins on Wednesday and Thursday, Hammond could very well see his first start of the season.

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