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Josh Norris Is Done for the Season

The Forward is heading for shoulder surgery

NHL: Ottawa Senators at Pittsburgh Penguins Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Norris scored a goal on Saturday and, after just three games back, re-aggravated the shoulder injury that already kept him out for 38 games this season. The Ottawa Senators have announced that his season is done, and he will undergo surgery for the injury.

It had looked like Norris had avoided surgery - an option discussed back in October - after he was able to come back based off of rehabbing since then. Considering that surgery was a possibility that was floated back then, there will be plenty of discussion over the next few days about how the team, the player, and the various doctors handled his injury, recovery and return. Was he rushed back, and he would have been better with a few more weeks of rehab? Was surgery inevitable and should have been done in October? Or was this just bad luck and he should have been fine?

Ridly Greig has been recalled, and is skating with DeBrincat and Giroux as part of a larger line shakeup.