2023 Ottawa Senators Prospects Awards - Voting

Nine additions from the 2022 draft and the graduation of Jake Sanderson should make this edition particularly interesting.

Similarly to last year, your votes decide the outcome for our annual Prospect Awards. That's right: we are giving all the power of deciding these fabled awards over to you, the readers. Don't make us regret this decision!

If you feel this warranted a longer intro, just click that link for what I consider to be a strong 6 out of 10.

Here are the categories:

Most Improved Prospect

Awarded to the Sens prospect who, get this, saw the most improvement since the end of last season. Crazy, right?

Last year's winner: Lassi Thomson

Biggest Underachiever

Please don't vote for Tyler Boucher. Give us someone else to gripe about, I beg of you.

Last year's winner: See above

Top of the Class, 2022

Last year's draft is interesting to look at since the highest pick was made at the end of the second round, so there wasn't a heavy favourite to be the top performer of the 2022 Sens draft class.

Last year's winner: Zack Ostapchuk

Mann of the Year

"This Tweet has been deleted." Why fans keep roasting mid-to-late-round picks and setting themselves up to look silly later is beyond me.

Last year's winner: Mark Kastelic

Best Defender and Best Goaltender

I would say we're ripping off the Norris and Vezina here, but we don't change the criteria from year to year due to blatant West Coast bias.

Last year's winners: Jake Sanderson & Mads Søgaard


Everyone in the farm system is eligible for this award, given to the greatest Sens Prospect of them all.

Last year's winner: Jake Sanderson

You can cast your votes by accessing the Google Form linked here, or embedded below. Voting will close at noon on Sunday, May 14th, and you can expect the first awards piece next Tuesday.

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