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Ottawa Senators Training Camp Check-In: September 27th

The Sens take to the ice after a day off!

NHL: Winnipeg Jets at Ottawa Senators Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports
  • There’s nothing to catch up on from yesterday, as the Sens had a day off. The most recent roster cuts remain Hamara and Latimer.
  • Today, we can look forward to a pre-season game, as the team is in Winnipeg to face the Jets at 8pm Eastern.
  • The Ottawa Senators published the roster for this game yesterday. It looks like the plan is to keep most of the established players out of the lineup and play the guys fighting for a spot. Bibeau, Sogaard and Mandolese are the three goaltenders listed. On defense, Brännström is the only guy on a one-way contract. Thomson, Bernard-Docker and Guénette will all play as well.
  • At forward, expect to get a good look at the third line of Tyler Motte, Shane Pinto and Mathieu Joseph. The rest of the lineup will be the battle for a fourth line spot or a call-up.
  • Hilariously, the Jets apparently missed the memo about playing the B team for this game. They’ll be icing a mostly NHL roster:
  • What this means is that you shouldn’t freak out if the Sens lose tonight, but it would also be very funny if they won. So basically, they’re going to win.
  • You can watch the game on TSN5 or listen live on TSN 1200. This thread will serve as an open thread!