Revisiting my two posts

I get things wrong on occasion but I think I nailed these two:

Responders were particularly critical of my K'Andre Miller piece. Today the Athletic did an analytics-based feature and ranked Miller the 9th best shutdown D in the NHL. That is incredible for a kid that age.

One Sen was in the top 20 list -- our awesome Zub (of course), at 19th.

What a missed opportunity. We'd have had a top four of Zub, Sanderson, Miller and Chabot and I don't care if three are righties. Having four elite players on the back end is gold.

But Dorion blew it passing on Miller, the consensus "best player available" at that moment, and trading that pick to the Rangers, who gobbled him up, so the Sens could get JBD (doubtful he's a regular even next year, when Miller will be into his third season as a top-pair D on a very good team) and wash-out Tyconic.

Of course some people freaked when I speculated that there MAY have been a racial component to that decision, given some unfortunate anecdotes about Melnyk over the years. I'm glad the Mendes-Strang Athletic piece revealed how intolerant that man was.

I stand by my SPECULATION. Anyone who thinks there isn't an unconscious racial bias in society is terribly naive and ill-informed. And when one particular person shows a pattern of intolerance it becomes fair game when a decision like that is made.

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