Where is Formenton and do we really need a top 4 D?

I find it very interesting that Formenton is the last RFA without a contract and that there is zero coverage on what is going on. It raises the spectre that he might be more involved in the Hockey Canada mess than feared and that the Sens are unwilling to commit to him until the matter is resolved and he is cleared.

As for the obsession of getting a top 4 defenseman, I am glad that the forwards are performing so well that they are covering up the missteps of the defensemen, and that this has been put on hold. Truthfully, the Sens have so much talent that they can sooner than later fill any talent "holes" from within the organization.

The Sens have played such dominate hockey that my predictions that they had enough talent to squeeze into the playoffs may have been too conservative - Go Sens Go!

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