Why Brady Tkachuk will remain unsigned for a while

I hope I am wrong and that the Tkachuk saga comes to a positive end quickly, but things do not look too good right now.

In part this is due to Tkachuk's (or his agent's) naive belief that Ottawa is like other clubs that overpay their players and dole out signing bonuses. No, with Melnyk as owner this will never happen, no matter how good or beloved a player is (ex. Erik Karlsson, Daniel Alfredson). After the Heatley saga, and being forced to pay a 4 million dollar signing bonus to a player who demanded a trade and then nixed one just before the bonus was due, Melnyk went insane and will never allow this to happen again - So if Brady wants that, it ain't going to happen - Period!

Also, in a bit of déjà vu, Brady brother's sassy comments on the state of the negotiations were almost reminiscent of Karlsson's "I will get what I deserve" comments, and we all know how that ended?

What I see is a short term contract, at the end of which Brady will join the likes of Stone, Duchene and many others who refused to accept how things work on Melnyk's club, and were traded away, breaking the hearts of fans...

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