Look, I'm among those who have voiced frustration about Bruce's journalism.

He's not a great writer -- but I suspect he'd be the first to acknowledge this.

And yes, he's too close to the team for my comfort, even in the context of beat writers needing to have a healthy relationship with the team in order to get access. And that's a fact in all sports -- especially in small markets where they're the only game in town.

So I don't mind people criticizing his journalism. That's life in today's social media world.

I know people in the hockey journalism world. They tell me he's a very nice and well-liked person.

And decent people in the public sphere don't deserve criticism that crosses a certain line. And that line is crossed regularly with the fanbase by those who mock his physical appearance.

It's classless. It's cowardly. And it's cruel.

The kind of shit pulled off by 10-year-old schoolyard bullies who are overcompensating for their own inadequacies.

It's also mindless. If that's what you have to resort to in order to criticize someone you're exhibing truly limited intellectual capacity.

I hope the people who run this website consider setting a higher standard in the comments section. This is essentially cyber-bullying. First warn them. If it continues, ban them. It's childish and shameful behaviour.

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