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Cost Per Pointcast, Ep. 84: Falling off a Cliff

In a solo episode with just Trevor, he discusses his many thoughts on the first 9 games of this crazy Senators season

Ottawa Senators v Vancouver Canucks

To say that the last 8 games have been a nightmare would be a massive understatement. We came into the season excited that hockey was finally back, and now the fanbase is miserable watching the games. Last episode on the Cost Per Pointcast, I previewed the season with Steve Warne, and although neither of us expected much, we were hopeful for the season.

Just the very next episode and 9 games later though, the tone is different. For the first time ever, I didn’t actually bring a guest on, and instead, I shared my thoughts about everything that has happened with the team so far. I hope you don’t mind my voice because I was able to talk for a lot longer than I expected! Nevertheless, it is a shorter episode than usual. Topics include:

-Expectations and how they’ve changed

-DJ’s lineup decisions

-Dorion’s acquisitions

-How the kids have done

-Good/bad surprises

-Outlook on the year and moving forward

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