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Monday LNN: Shutdown Looming?

A return to some dark days

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NHL: Ottawa Senators at Philadelphia Flyers Mitchell Leff-USA TODAY Sports

Hello Darkness, my old friend. For anyone with a passing interest in the NHL, this weekend’s spate of postponements probably brought back an old, familiar, unwelcome feeling. As of this writing, ten teams had elected to shut down all team activities until after the Christmas break. It seems almost a question of when, not if, the rest of the remaining active teams will follow suit. I wish I had better news, but it seems as if we might be starting at the possibility of a somewhat prolonged shutdown of NHL hockey.

  • Sportsnet has set up a handy, if depressing, COVID-19 tracker for every team in the league. Right now, only assistant Davis Payne is currently in protocols for the Sens
  • With all of their games cancelled through the Christmas break already, Ottawa has announced that they will be cancelling practices as well: