Friedman just dropped a bomb on Twitter about the Sens and Murray

If this ends up being the truth, then it appears that Dorion and Smith are throwing Murray under the bus for the total disaster of a season so far.

Has Murray been good enough? Of course not, but this isn't a new thing. He was terrible for long stretches last season. However, by the end of the year, the team was starting to gain momentum and looked good. Now? Between COVID protocols and injuries, this team hasn't had a full deck all season. But the worst performers are almost always have been the overpaid veterans that Dorion picked up while Lassi Thomson, etc., have been bright spots.

Murray may not be living up to the contract he signed, but Dorion is the one who signed him to that contract after Murray was run out of Pittsburgh. Putting Murray on waivers and hoping someone takes him off of your hands is absolutely mind-numbingly terrible asset management, but that is what we've come to expect from this management group.

The only reason Dorion shouldn't be fired is that the completely unqualified McGuire would take over, but since it would likely cost dear leader a significant amount of money, Dorion will keep his job.

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