Stacking Sens Fans...

I love this team so much. Been a fan since the first rumors and mentions. I saw a lot of Civic Centre Games, and some glorious names - but only one in Kanata - I was there to see Ray Bourque - cant remember the score - but I got to see Bourque. Love this team so much. The comings and goings...the players I love and cheer for them: the decisions...maybe not so much. I am in deep enough, that a quick move could make it worse. I am hoping by the end this season, I make it home in time for lunch, only missing my boots in the snow.

Well, I was going to make a poll, but that didn't work out.

So, as this is a fan post, please feel free to drop in your take on how you feel about the team, in general.

1 - love them no matter what, they will win eventually, hope they are still in town and I am still alive

2 - love them - changes are necessary, we will win soon

3 - team is OK, needs changes, but it will be a while

4 - why isn't this team better; this sucks

5 - I am ashamed to be a Sens fan

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