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Thursday Links, News and Notes : So Long Jaros

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The former hopeful prospect’s road with Ottawa ends in a minor trade, and more

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Ottawa Senators Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports
  • First up for today’s links, the Senators were involved in a minor 3-way trade yesterday. They sent Christian Jaros to the Sharks in return for the Sharks 7th round pick for 2022, and Jack Kopacka from the Ducks. Kopacka split his time last season between Anaheim’s AHL and ECHL affiliates.
  • The Belleville Senators look like they’ll be playing (if they ever get approval) in a slightly bigger division that previously thought this season. The Calgary Flames are expected to move their AHL affiliate from Stockton, California to Calgary for the season, so they don’t have to deal with the border restrictions for call-ups.
  • Miss Brandon’s weekly Senators chat with Rebel 101.7 yesterday morning? You can listen to it here.
  • A fight has broken out between Barstool, and the NWHL (and their existing supporters). It started in a way that seems innocent enough - Barstool’s CEO Erika Nardini hosted a pair of players to preview the NWHL’s bubble season. Of course, the catch is Barstool has a reputation, and NWHL fans and media questioned if that association was good for the league. Nardini’s response was to demonstrate exactly why those fans and media were right to be concerned by compiling a video taking personal aim at a swath of those critics (including our own Beata). The situation has spun wildly since then with statements from the league, from players (both for and against), from Nardini’s Barstool colleagues, and from fans of both. It’s reached the point where there have been calls for one player to be jailed for her opinion, and Barstool is floating the idea of starting their own women’s hockey league.
  • Finally, today is the annual Bell Let’s Talk day. In addition to the fundraising (use those hashtags, filters and frames!), it’s been helping encourage stigma-free discussion of mental health for 11 years now. It’s something that feels extra relevant this year. If you’re struggling with something, there is someone who will listen and be there to help - be it family, friends, mental health professionals, or even someone who you only know online from cheering for the same hockey team.