The most galling thing about this horrific start

That after our ONLY win the opposition's best and perhaps most arrogant player, on our least-favourite team, effectively said: "We blew it. We stopped trying because they seemed so hopeless. And that team is better than that. We should have tried. If we did we would have won."

And then Craig Button comes on with his eyes popping, excoriating the Leafs for a massive failure in a game they only lost 5-3.

It was a fun game. Most fun I will likely have all season. But it's rather embarrassing to know that it's a bit of a fluke that we even have a single win. Even at the time I viewed it much like this franchise's very first game in the early 90s, which I watched, when heart and fan enthusiasm alone allowed us to beat a formidable Habs team by he same 5-3 score.

Can't wait for the kids to be brought up once they start dominating in AHL.

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