Pierre-Luc Dubois - What's the Offer?

Any time there's a marquee player available on the market, we all like to envision our team picking him up. Do I dream of a Laine trade every once in a while, of course I do, I'm only human. Is Winnipeg ever going to trade him? If they did, would they want what the Sens have? Do the Sens feel like he fits? All valid questions, but not relevant to my idle day dreams.

The current hot item on the market is Pierre-Luc Dubois. His situation is reminiscent of a player the Sens picked up almost exactly 10 years ago. Like Turris, Dubois is a former 3rd-overall pick, who's tired of the team that drafted him. He's 22, like Turris was when we got him.

Unlike Turris, Dubois is already performing like a top-6 centre and could be exactly what the Sens forward group is hurting for. Can you imagine him centering either Tkachuk or Stuetzle for the next 6+ years? I sure can!

The question for me isn't whether he would be a fit in the forward group, but what the cost would be. Because he's already putting up top-6 numbers, the Sens won't get him at a discount like they did with Turris. And Turris wasn't cheap! He cost a 2nd and a (at the time) high prospect in David Rundblad.

So what would the cost be to bring in Dubois? I think it likely starts with one of the Sens top young centres in Josh Norris, Logan Brown or Shane Pinto. I would lean towards Brown, since I think he's the worst fit for this Sens roster, and he doesn't seem to have the coach's trust. After that, Columbus is going to want another prospect or two depending on their quality. Is this where the glut of young defencemen becomes a boon for the Sens? Could they get the Jackets to bite by sending one of their former top prospects in Vitaly Abramov back? Finally, I think you're looking at a 1st round pick or a combination of lower picks to give the Jackets what they're looking for.

I'd make a pitch of Logan Brown + Lassi Thomson + the Sens' two 2nd round picks this year. Those two picks should be high in the 2nd round, and both Brown and Thomson have that first round pedigree. Does the cost hurt a bit? Yes, but it should if you're getting a player like Dubois. Realistically I think the actual return is going to hurt even more than that if the Sens got him, but I think this a good basis for discussions at least.

What do you all think? What would it cost to get Dubois? Is it worth the price to bring in a young top-6 centre who's already shown he can produce?

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