Not looking good for Logan Brown today

1. I've only heard Smith comment once on him, saying he's doing "some good things." Pretty underwhelming. Sens' most talented prospect and a PP specialist is of course always going to do "some" good things in this camp. Twas ever thus. The issue has always been, when will he be a complete player?

2. Some tough signals sent during scrimmage last night -- Norris centering Tkachuk, the team's likely future captain and best forward, plus in Batherson a right-winger whom everyone expects to make the team. And they're on the A team, whereas Brown was centering two marginal players on B team.

3. That's either a "Logan, we gave you a chance last week with the two best players, it didn't work out, you're not making the team" message, or a challenge to his character -- "We're not seeing the passion you need in the NHL, prove us wrong tonight by making a difference on a weak team/line," or a bit of both. And Smith said after scrimmage that some players played their way onto the Bellville roster. Well, that's surely referring only to the six players vying for three spots -- making him likely one of the three who didn't impress.

3. Norris speaks German, is best friends with Tkachuk, and they're now living with Timmy Superstar. Why would the team okay the arrangement if Norris was headed to Belleville?

4. To make matters worse, Tkachuk goes after Brown for the Chabot hit. Maybe Brown was trying to show he had fire in his belly. Maybe he was venting his frustration. I have no idea how hard the hit was, but we all remember the MacArthur hit. If Tkachuk thought it necessary to fight a teammate over it, that suggests he thought Brown was risking the health of their franchise D.

5. This is a small thing and probably irrelevant, but in Brown's media availability last week he was asked several times what he's done to improve. I found him quite evasive (and the reporters didn't do a great job with their questions) and a bit cool. Usually guys say they put on 10 pounds of muscle, hired a skating instructor, etc., and sound enthusiastic -- but i didn't get that vibe from him.

6. Finally, while Dorion sacrificed a pick to move up to take Brown, that was a while ago. Scouts and ex-scout GMs must get used to taking a mulligan on their picks. And Brown wasn't taken during the rebuild. The Karlsson trade was the moment when the team shouted from high heaven that they were tearing this thing down. And that was crushing for some fans, and especially the kids. To have Norris and Timmy S. shine this year would be a crowning achievement and vindication for PD.

Now, Perhaps I'm doing Brown a favour! The reverse jinx is always in play when I make predictions, so perhaps Smith will embarrass me and say today that Brown has made the team! But that's okay, as I'd like to see what this kid can do in the show.

I hope if he is sent down he proves his off-season work has paid off, and he gets a call-up a month or two from now and vindicates himself. If he doesn't, I can't see him being in next year's camp.

So what do you folks think is his future? What kind of return could we get for him if he ends up leaving town?

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