2021 Expansion Draft: Sens Protection List Released

Evegenii Dadonov is the big name left exposed

With the 2021 Seattle Kraken NHL Expansion Draft set to take place on Wednesday, every other team needed to submit their protected list by 5 pm ET yesterday. This morning, we found just who Seattle will get to choose from. You can find a full breakdown of every team’s list here. For Sens fans, here’s what you need to know:

For those that have been following along, there probably aren’t too many big surprises on this list. There had been some question about whether the Sens would really expose Evgenii Dadonov, their biggest UFA acquisition in years, but his struggles last year made this a real possibility. Clearly management views his contract as a negative value, and are OK with Seattle taking him off their hands.

We’ll have lots more coverage as the week goes along, and the big show itself will get underway Wednesday at 8pm ET!

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