Design your own perfect offseason for the Sens.

Not a lot of Senators news, which makes sense based on how long its been since we played a game, how long its going to be until we play another game. If you had a wish list of things to take care of in the offseason, what is on your wish list? I will give you a few examples.

Reportedly the Penguins are shopping one or the other of their goalies, for which we have had multiple deals of history with them on, going as far back as the 90's and as recent as our acquiring of Gustavsson. It seems if we are ever uncertain of our path for future goaltending, we pick up the phone and call Pittsburgh, who always seem to have a goalie for sale. Rumour is Murray or Jary are both available. With most teams watching Lehner and Vegas's future decision, dealing with Pittsburgh for a bonified starter is a real possibility, but whats the ask?

Resign DeMelo! Winnipeg is out, has been for a bit, yet in all that time they have yet to ink DeMelo, who has said he was hoping to sign here long term, before being traded. It seems like a long shot, but if Dorion said at the time of the trade, you reach free agency, this will be our offer, he is who I would want back to play next to Chabot.

Keep or trade #3 and #5 for Lafriennier? An article has been written about this twice, which has made the case for doing it or not doing it, but if the package coming back is #1 and NYR second 1st round pick (21-24th overall), I could see the package happening. It pushes Duclair to the 3rd LW position or possibly makes him and the other LW depth players, trade bait for things we really need. My preference is keeping #3 and #5 and picking 2 Centerman, but I wouldn't hate 2 - 1st rounders coming back if Laf is dealt for. French Canadians fill the stands, we get a publicity boost that even Melnyk can't buzz kill for 5 mins or longer.

What are your thoughts in the comments.

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