Facing up to Ottawa's most likely draft scenario

Ottawa's lottery combo with the highest odds are 4 & 5. Might as well resign ourselves now and avoid the disappointment. If Stutzle and Byfield go 2 & 3 who does Ottawa choose? Even though 2 elite forward prospects would be ideal, the next best player available is Drysdale, who i believe will have a Doughty-type impact, so if it's me, I take Drysale. I have no idea who to choose amongst Rossi, Raymond, Perfetti, Holtz but my gut says Dorian takes Holtz (reminiscent of the slightly off-board, but ultimately correct, 2011 Zibanejad pick). This should result in an elite Ottawa blueline in 2-3 years, just in time for our high volume of offensive prospects to have pumped out 4-9 very good NHL forwards. We'd still lack a truly elite scorer (Ovechin, Crosby, Malkin, Kane, McDavid, end of list), but that didn't stop the 2014 LA Kings or 2019 St Louis Blues. Picking 4th and 5th should still set us up to seriously contend in 2-5 years with as many as 4 all-star defensemen leading the way. Bring on the lottery!

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