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Cost Per Pointcast: Draft Debaters Part 4, feat. Will Scouch & Chris Peters

Discussing Noel Gunler to Ozzy Wiesblatt, Will Scouch and Chris Peters join the podcast for part four of Draft Debaters.

Lausanne HC v Lulea HF - Champions Hockey League Photo by RvS.Media/Basile Barbey/Getty Images

Two of last year’s favourites return for season two of Draft Debaters, as prospect YouTuber Will Scouch and ESPN’s Chris Peters join the Cost Per Pointcast to discuss some of their most disagreed prospects for the 2020 NHL draft.

In terms of the rankings referenced in this episode, you can find Chris’ on ESPN+ (paywall), whereas Will’s rankings are a teaser to his final list. Will has also produced detailed video reports on Noel Gunler and Marat Khusnutdinov that were both referenced in this episode.

Time stamps are listen below.

0:00 — Intro

1:58 — Noel Gunler

17:04 — Braden Schneider

31:41 — Marat Khusnutdinov

44:56 — Ozzy Wiesblatt

56:27 — Possible late round steals

If you enjoy the podcast, you can follow us on Twitter @CPPointcast where you’ll be the first to find out about new episodes. We’ll be back with two more Draft Debaters episodes next week, starting with a rematch from last year’s series!

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