Down the Tubes With Superstars

This year in particular, there are several teams who were all excited when they landed THE SUPERSTAR they were after, figuring this was the move that was going to put them over the top.

Start with PK Subban who came from Nashville and it just never worked out. Now the Devils are fighting for the lottery pick. Matt Duchene went to Nashville and that didn't work out either. And before that he went to the Blue Jackets and did absolutely nothing for them except cost them places at the draft table this summer and next.

Senators writhed a lot before giving up Erik to the Sharks. They figured this was what they were missing to win in the playoffs. Now they are fighting for the lottery pick, and EK is minus ALOT and a big part of the problem there.

How about John Tavares? Superstar leaves the Islanders and they become one of the best teams overall afterwards.

The Coyotes were very close to first overall in the NHL when they landed Taylor Hall, figuring they should start planning the parade. How did that work out? Now they are probably not going to make the playoffs. Superstars are not always the best thing for a team.

I have some theories why all of this happens. It comes down to too many superstars on one team and the T - E - A - M disappears. This is what is wrong with the Leafs with Tavares and all the superstars. Try to look at it from the players point of view. Here you are on the second pairing of your team, and this player comes in and takes away a large chunk of your ice time? Trust me, it's all about ice time for the players. Take my ice time away, I take my hard work ethic and show you what I think of my reduced role. These guys have monster egos.

Vegas Golden Knights nearly won it all in their first year because they had no superstars. Everyone worked their asses off playing harder than everyone they faced both ways. Then they landed Mark Stone and Pacioretti. Everyone wanted more ice time and more money, and they dropped down out of being among the best teams.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not against superstars, except that they use up all of the cap space, and in return if they don't produce equal to their cap space and have everyone else buy in to a lesser role, then the team goes down the tubes.

Everyone seems to covet the superstars. There is something to say for a team that acts like a T - E - A - M with everyone working hard both ways. It's a tough thing for coaches to get players to buy in on. Why? Because the superstars make a lot more money than they do and coaches are expendable. If a team's superstar doesn't like the coach, the coach is the sacrificial lamb.

The name of the game is goal scoring and that's what players get paid for. The goal scorer gets all the cash and demands all the ice time. This is what coaches have to deal with and this is why they don't last very long.

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