TDL fast approaching, how are our trade chips doing?

The one common story for the Sens this year is the fact we will be sellers at the TDL. Lots of names have come up throughout the year, such as Pageau, Boro, Names, Tierney, Ennis, Anderson, Nilsson, Anisimov, Boedker, Sabourin, Hainsey, Reilly, DeMelo and even Zaitsev. So how are these players doing in the last 10 games in the lead up to the TDL. Assuming no one would be as interested in a player who is struggling, or if the value had dropped significantly, we probably should not sell at a low value. I am going to bracket the last 30 days, behind the players name for reference, because that is how they are doing leading up to the deadline.

Pageau (2g 4p (-4) 21:07 TOI in 12 games), 27 years old, $3.10 million cap hit, but in line for a raise as he is a UFA at the end of the year, might be as much as $5 million per, but no idea as to what length of a contract would get it done. Currently on a career points (32) and goal (20) pace in 50 games so far, but his pace has slowed considerably after a fast start to the season. Good news is he wants to stay and the team has stated they would like to keep him. Problem is he is one of the better players available by way of trade for us this year and is playing well above the optimal TOI for this player, with replacement players coming. A late 1st to a early 2nd is what being the reported ask.

Namestnikov (3g 4p (+0) 13:57 TOI in 11 games), 27 years old a UFA at the end of the year, with $3.25 million cap hit, but not in line for much of a raise if at all, 11 goals, 22 points in 47 games, about par for what he has done in the past. Like Pageau his pace of scoring has slowed recently after a hot start. Its concerning, because he once looked like a steal we should keep, but now he looks at value or less for his current contract. No idea if he likes it here, but he was given a good opportunity to succeed early and increase his value. If he is offered on the TDL he might return a decent asset, 3rd rounder.

Tierney (4g 6p (+7) 18:18 TOI in 12 games), 25 years old and RFA at the end of the year, with a current cap hit of $2.97 million, which he should be due for a raise, maybe $4-5 million per depending on term. Last year was a career year points wise with 48, with only 27 so far this year, which means he isn't on track to match it this year. He is on a decent goal pace of 10 so far, with a career best of 17 he could match. No word as to whether he is thinking long term or if the team is thinking long term with this player. His value at this trade deadline might be high and his recent play suggest he is trending up, as he is getting some of the best result in the last 30 days. is a early 2nd or a late 1st too much to ask for?

Ennis (2g 6p (+1) 14:42 TOI in 12 games), 30 years old and will be a UFA at the end of the year, with a team friendly cap hit of $800,000. Probably due for a raise next year depending on who signs him. HE is actually on a career best points 30 so far, and goal 13, so far, pace. Like Tierney and Names, no word whether he wants to stay or what the teams plans are here. He is a decent asset this TDL, could return a 2nd to 3rd rounder, but anything less than that, I would resign him, if we can get him at a friendly deal short term.

Boedker (1g 2p (+2) 8:55 TOI in 3 games), 30 years old UFA at the end of the year, with a $4 million cap hit. Not likely going to resigned here, probably can't trade him, due to the lack of playing him, advertising the fact the coach has no faith in the player, having only given him 9 games in total this season. Dead asset, made so by utter lack of opportunity. Scored a goal in the most recent opportunity, 2 points in the 3 games he has played in the last 30 days. I would play him as much as possible to try and get something other than a cap dump for his remaining contract here, but its probably too late. Bad asset management to me.

Sabourin (0g 0p (-3) 5:31 TOI in 7 games), 27 year old career AHL player, until DJ, UFA at the end of the year witha $700,000 cap hit. The Coach routinely plays this guy when other options are available. Some of which are prospects, others are NHL contract regulars who can add to the offense, because effort and intangibles. Being that the coach has built him up as something, here's hoping there is a GM somewhere who wants what DJ is smoking, so we don't have to waste the roster spot or cap hit next year.

Anisimov (2g 3p (-4) in 13:06 TOI 12 games), 31 years old with 1 more year on his contract at $4.55 million, has 9 goals, 12 points in 34 games, nowhere near his career best, but surprisingly is scoring at a good pace. He's old, oft injured, not great at possession, is not physical like who he replaced, but because he can score, might attract a team looking for center winger depth, but will require an asset attached to move him, or retained salary (alot).

Hainsey (0g 3p (+1) in 21:26 TOI in 12 games), 38 years old UFA at the end of the year with a $3.5 cap hit, with 1 goal and 11 points in 45 games. He is actually stats-ing ok for a 38 year old and there are going to be teams that show interest. I really don't want the temptation of him still being here, for management to think they need him for one more season. A 3rd or 4th would be great for me.

Borowiecki (2g 2p (-4) in 16:04 TOI in 9 games), 30 years old UFA at the end of the year, with a team friendly $1.2 million cap hit. Having a career year in points (18), career high in goals with 7 (as many as the rest of our dman), career high in TOI and is for the first time in his career, more than just a hammer on the ice. Because of how he plays and his age, isn't likely to be this effective for a long career. Its understandable if fans hesitate about his future. Wants to stay, team wants to keep him, but he is a valuable asset for the TDL, with no negotiations having been reported. I would think a late 2nd to a early 3rd is probably max value, but less than that I would keep him.

Reilly (1g 6p (+1) 19:08 TOI in 12 games), 26 years old with 1 more season after this one at $1.5 million. Looks like a good value contract with untapped potential to me. 1 goal and 8 points in 25 games this year, which is on pace to shatter a career high in the NHL and is playing way more icetime, than I expected considering our LD depth. If he were right handed or could play RD, I would wish this player could be retained, as I like what he has done recently and think he could offer more. With Chabot, Wolanin, Boro and Brannstrom, etc, in our core on Left Defense, I think he will be shopped and might return a good asset in the 2nd-3rd range.

DeMelo (0g 4p (+0) in 19:26 TOI in 12 games), 26 years old UFA at the end of the year, with $900,000 (wtf@%?) cap hit due for a significant raise. My guess is Zaitsev type contract numbers, because he can actually defend rather well, whether that happens here or elsewhere. With 10 points on the year he is not on a career pace, but his value is in his effect on possession, pairings and linemates. Problem is, as a UFA at the end of the year and his value in those area's being high, its not known if this team will pay him enough to lock him down. He has great value at the TDL, which might be as high as any other Senator and the market for RD is huge right now. Is a late 1st or early 2nd too much to ask

Zaitsev (1g 1p (+1) in 19:01 TOI in 10 games), 28 years old with a $4.5 million cap hit for the next 4 years. With 1 goal and 9 points in 39 games, is far off his career best and is not showing well on possession stats, even though he is currently a +1 for his effort recently. Part of that is he is 1 of 2 natural RD players and the other is the strongest defenseman on the team. On a team that maybe has a LD partner with DeMelo's resume, he might perform better. Part of me wonders what makes DJ place this guy in heavily slanted defense zone deployment, because those stats are not showing well. Its the Ceci effect, but not as bad performance on the ice to my eyes. With retained salary or some asset attached, he is tradeable, and a team looking for fixed numbers long term might give an offer back, but it probably wont be much of an asset.

Anderson (1W 2L 1OTL with .908 save% 3.26 GAA in 4 game starts), 38 years old UFA at the end of the year, with a $4.75 cap hit. I am hard on this player, because I want to see the post Anderson era, but this is a bounce back season and with his post season resume, he gets UP for meaningful games. One recent poor outing, but a few recent good outings, which sounds like his year to year career. Some team is going to inquire, but I don't know if our team is interested in playing him out or giving him a shot at a cup elsewhere, if he wants it. I don't expect much of an asset coming back.

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