Jarventie vs Peterka

Today I watched Jarventie play like a water bug who barely leaves a ripple on the water, same as in previous WJ games. And then he was punted off power play and benched for most of second half.

Then I watched Peterka be the star of the game in Germany's historic win.

So what does RJ have over JJ?

Three inches in height.

Six-plus months younger.

Other than those two things, does anyone understand how Sens scouts could look at these two players and conclude they should reach for Jarventie and pass on JJ, among others, with that pick? The two players don't appear to be on the same planet. And this is consistently illustrated in every game of this tournament.

Plus while a lefty, JJ plays the right side -- a Sens weak spot.

I'm not a scout but I've watched hockey for decades. Don't get this. I think I can figure out pretty quickly, like most people here, the difference between great, good, mediocre and bad players.

Yes, we were excited not that long ago. But we were looking at isolated highlights. This big reveal certainly raises doubts, at a minimum.

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