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Salary Deferrals, World Junior Member Test Positive and Tortoise Trouble on the Border

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It’s the Monday edition of Links, News and Notes!

Washington Capitals v New York Islanders - Game Five Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

It seems like it’s been ages since the excitement of the Cup Finals and the NHL draft took place. We still have no set in stone plan or date for a return in the NHL and understandably there needs to be a lot of planning involved in any kind of comeback.

  • As frustrated as fans may be, you can only imagine how players feel with all the uncertainty surrounding their near future. A strong point of discussion currently getting a lot of heat is the issue of salary deferrals. The NHL is asking for an additional 13% deferral on 2020-21 pay from players and a disagreement on the topic may potentially delay the start of the NHL season. On one hand, all businesses are suffering and sacrifices have had to be done but on the other, it’s always tough to side with the owners. I think both sides have valid cases and both will eventually find a way to settle on a solution.
  • While the NHL has its concerns with its return plans in the COVID-19 environment, Hockey Canada is having to deal with its own concerns as one of its staffers has tested positive. While the staff member has been described as “non-core” and has been placed in quarantine, some core members were affected. It is now being reported that assistant coach Michael Dyck and goaltending coach Jason LaBarbera were also asked to quarantine for 14 days. It will be interesting to see how the national team deals with any additional cases especially if it goes as far as to someone close to the team.
  • On a lighter note, when Braden Holtby signed with the Vancouver Canucks this off-season he forgot to consider his own pets in the agreement. As Holtby tried to move to his new home in Vancouver, he was stuck at the Canada-US border as his pet tortoise didn’t have the proper paperwork. The issue has since been resolved and the Holtby family including all his children and pets can legally enjoy their new Canadian home.
  • The Tkachuk brothers have been taking advantage of their long off season with some quality family time. First the always entertaining brotherly NERF wars and now a more noble family trip. The three famous Tkachuks paid a visit to the Blues Warrior Hockey program that supports veterans. Nice to see the Sens logo being used for a good cause.