An all Canadian division is a real possibility, rank the teams by strengths.

The News Outlets are already doing the odds of who will come out ahead, as well as a few SB sites. What are people thinking here? Best score is the strongest ranking of 7, weakest is 1.

1. Who has the Best Top 6 forwards, usually done by how you expect XGF will turn out (1-7)

2. Who has the Best Bottom 6 forwards, Toughness, Intangibles and secondary scoring (1-7)

3. Who has the best Defensive Core both in Top Pairs, Depth, Toughness and 2 way play (1-7)

4. Who has the best group of Goaltenders, because having 1 good and no backup plan sucks (1-7)

5. Who has the Best PP, which can be a combination of PP drawn and goals scored (1-7)

6. Who has the Best PK, which can be a combination of % and PK allowed (1-7)

7. Who has the Best untapped potential, prospect core, cap flexibility (1-7)

8. Who has the best coaching core, experience and team philosophy to win. (1-7)

With your scores combined, rank your guesses for teams in the All New Canadian Division.

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