What's your vision in 2021-2022?

With pretty much majority of most expensive contracts off the books by this time,is it exaggerated to think that going after few solid free agents who're not over 30 years old or trade for them could be a good idea IF the rebuild go better than advertized?

MacArthur,Gaborik,Anderson,Boedker are all off the books after this season guaranteed.I could definitely see Namestikov,Tierney traded for prospects/picks and give place for top prospects at newly available spots.Not sure who of Duclair,Pageau,C.Brown,Ennis,Demelo and Boro will be resigned either.My bet is at least 2 of them will be traded as well.Anisimov is off the books at the end of 2020-2021 season at worst and Ryan the season after.There is serious money available by this time with only one major player to resign(Brady Tkachuk).

By 2021-2022 i expect few of our top prospects being regular NHL'ers and having positive impact at various level.My bet is on Logan Brown,Josh Norris,Vitaly Abramov,Alex Formenton,Drake Batherson,Rudolf Balcers on forwards.JBD and Thomson on the D.I dont count Jaros and Wolanin as prospects anymore.I dont take in account our potential two top 10 picks in upcoming draft msybe making the team next season.

That don't leave lot of spots available and that is why i think it would be worth to resign both of Duclair,Pageau,Demelo and maybe Curtis Brown because they fit the rebuild and play like they worth keeping...kind of rookies/veterans balance.Sign or trade for couple of GOOD established players could be a good idea for maximizing the plan.Some interesting free agents in 2022:




Couple of obviously better options but i expect them to be resigned by their current teams(Couturier and Zibanejad).

I may be thinking too much ahead but that is part of fantaisies that fans can have.In 2022-2023 this could be a playoffs team for sure(both 2020 top 10 picks included):









Managed to get rid of Zaitsev by some kind of miracle.Dont even added any free agent/trade.

By the 2022-2023 season,our best players would have around 23-25 years old so its viable projection to me of what could be a pretty good team in the future.

Feel free to modify this lineup!!!

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