Which 67 would you take?

While most fans have their attention turned to the top of the draft, where the Sens have a good shot at landing a top-3 pick, there are two members of our local junior club forcing their way into the Top-10 discussion and either could be a good target with the Sens' second first round pick. So the question is: who would you take, Marco Rossi or Jack Quinn?

The Case for Rossi

Not a super hard case to make. Rossi is currently leading the OHL and CHL in points with 74 points (26 G, 48 A) in just 32 games (that's 2.31 points per game!). He's currently scoring at a better rate and in absolute terms than players like Connor McMichael, Arthur Kalyiev and projected number 2 pick Quinton Byfield.

Rossi is certainly benefiting from playing on a very good 67s team, but he is the straw that stirs the drink, and may even need to be someone the team looks at in the top 3 if they miss out on Lafreniere.

The main knocks on Rossi are that he's on the smaller side and that he's Austrian. The former doesn't really concern me. Sure he's 5'9", but this isn't the 90s and the team should be drafting based on skill, not old thinking on size. The latter is maybe not mentioned outright, but I think if he was a Swedish or Finnish prospect we would have been hearing him in the conversation for the top-5 from the start of the season.

The Case for Quinn

Quinn is a bit more of a surprise to me this season. While Rossi was talked about as a first rounder last season, Quinn has only really joined the conversation this year. He's a local-ish boy (from Cobden) and has showed a great scoring touch this season. He's probably a bit further off from making it as a pro than Rossi, but he is currently tied for third in OHL goal scoring, ahead of all other first-time draft-eligible players.

So why draft Quinn over Rossi? Well one of the biggest holes in the organization currently is high-scoring right-wingers. Duke has been playing on the right side this season, but is a natural left-winger. Quinn could slot in for years on the right side of Norris or Brown, and could be a solid pickup later in the top-10 to complement whoever the Sens get with their first pick.

So who would you pick: Rossi or Quinn?

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