Get Drunk with the Sens

This arises from a joke I made in a game thread recently. We'd gone an entire power play without a shot on goal, and I made a crack about that being a "take a shot" moment on a Get Drunk with the Sens game. So now I'm trolling for what else would be on that gamecard. Now remember, the idea is to have a nice buzz at the end of the game, not to be in the hospital from alcohol poisoning. If you say things like "bad zone exit", you'll be drunker than you want to be.

  • Senators go an entire power play without a shot on goal
  • Senators go without a shot on goal during the overtime period
  • Melynk says something stupidly Melynkish before or during the game
  • Senators take a too many men on the ice penalty
  • Chabot plays over 30 minutes in a game, while another defenseman plays under 15
I feel like there are a lot of good ideas out there I'm missing. Pile on, please.

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