2020 Top 25 Under 25: Reader Voting

After a year and a half, the long-awaited series returns!

It’s been a weird year for hockey, but it’s given the staff at Silver Seven Sens a chance to try out some new ideas, and continue to do our best to provide you all with quality content on our favourite hockey team.

Today, however, we’re kicking off a series everybody knows and loves: our Top 25 Under 25!

For those of you who are new to this series, it’s not exactly a prospect ranking, since we’re looking at all the players in the Ottawa Senators organization under the age of 25. There’s going so be some established NHLers on this list, including a few star players. If anything, these lists are a great indicator of how well-off your team would be if it were to begin a rebuild right now.

Given the talented young core, newcomers from the 2020 NHL Entry Draft and other prospects in the system, this year’s list should especially be one worth getting excited about for Senators fans.

Reader voting is open as of right now, and will close this Sunday, November 22nd at noon, so get your picks in before then! If you’re unable to access the form below, you can also find it here. Stay tuned for the start of the countdown to number one!

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