The darkest moment of darkness

The last 2 years haven’t exactly been the best for us sens fans. It has felt at times during this time that whenever you felt like you hit rock bottom… the ground collapsed again.

However, after almost only positive offseason news, followed by Chabot’s signing yesterday, I think we can say that we have officially exited this long era of hopelessness (Ok, it was only 2 years but it sure felt like an era). Almost everyone from the team that started the 2017-2018 season has been replaced, and the toxic culture that surrounded the team at its worst seems to have been eliminated. Now, obviously the elephant in the room is still here (Hello Eugene!), but even he seems to have forgotten his old ways with the Chabot signing. Let’s hope it continues that way.

So as we enter this new era of 5 years of unprecedented success (or, credit to OD99 for the term, FYOUS), I was wondering what was really the lowest point of the last 2 years. When was your hopelessness at an all time low? When did you feel like giving up on the sens completely? When did you want to swim to Barbados, find Melnyk and lock him in a room with Chris Neil in a corner and Mark Borowiecki in the other?

Was it the original losing streak, that started after the team came back from Sweden in November 2017?

Was it the outdoor game relocation comments?

Was it the twitter bots?

Was it the Hoffman-Karlsson girlfriend incident?

Was it the Hoffman trade for Boedker, a few hours before San Jose flipped him for a better deal?

Was it when the Lebreton Arena deal failed?

Was it when Karlsson got traded for an underwhelming return? (as we thought at that time)

Was it the Uber scandal?

Was it the 4 days before the 2019 trade deadline in which our 3 best forwards got traded, including Mark Stone? (*cries*)

Was it Boucher’s firing a few days after Dorion said he had his support?

Or was it another moment that I’m forgetting right now?

It is almost funny looking back on it now, to see how many bad things happened in such a relatively short span of time. The 2 favorite sentences of sens fans in the past 2 years must have been something like "This surely can’t get any worse." and "This just got even worse…"

The Ottawa Senators have been reborn however, and maybe now is the time to observe the first year of building a new dynasty. With a group of high-potential prospects and 5 veteran double-agents, with Thomas’s Chabombs and Filip’s Chlapshots... the Sens are back.

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