Should Ottawa pursue Karlsson if he reaches Unrestricted Free Agency?

I don't know how to add a poll for this one, but If I could, I would love to see the votes. I was not against the trade that sent him to San Jose, so this feels strange to write a fan post that suggests one way or another my thoughts on the matter. I am surprisingly one sided on my opinion on this and have been surprised by others being surprisingly one sided of there opinions on this as well. It should be its own topic, not something shoe horned into the bottom half of the comments on every other thread. It needs a life of its own.

The positives: He is a generational talent (I don't think I need to describe why here), players of this calibre are never available by way of free agency, he is exactly what we need on RD, because there is literally nobody near his calibre on RD, its not even close. On one leg he has always been better than the majority of hockey players, let alone someone who plays in his position. One day it would be nice to retire his number. We already received a pretty good trade package for his services elsewhere and this would mean we won the trade, I personally like this perspective.

The negatives: Pretty much everything that happened between the time Methot was taken by Vegas in the expansion draft, Turris for Duchene trade, the weird story of players wives, to the no contact at the end of last season to the press conference where he said he never expected a trade and now. He has dealt with injuries, but nothing more serious than the ones he dealt with before we offered him an 8 year contract last off season. That being said, as he ages, those could become the hill he can no longer climb. Midway thru any long term contract could become IR dollars, or, in a lot of Karlssons playing time, wounded and less effective playing time.

The good news is Karlsson himself is stoking the fires of a potential return, stating he is hoping for competitive offers close to home. It doesn't get any closer to home than Ottawa. As much as I search, I really don't see any negative comments made by the player towards management and ownership, which I really expected, especially based on who his mentor was. So it seems like he has always had it in the back of his mind to never burn the bridge he may end up wanting to cross.

What do you guys think? Is this something that needs to happen, maybe we should pursue, only consider if the price is right, or decide its not something that would benefit the team?

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