Everything to Win, and Everything to Lose

We have just recently endured a tumultuous period in Sens history. Being a fan from "Day 1" I can say I have endured more than a few of them. I am extremely optimistic to see this team in action this coming season, but I am concerned, as we all are, that between now an then they will botch it. Of course, (I wish I could say "All things considered"), there are also some excellent opportunities to make some fantastic changes that could enhance that essence of this team. You are the experts: How can they make it better? - how could they botch it? And for those of you who have been around for a while, what are your recollections and examples of how they have blown this type of opportunity in the past? I myself shake my head when it comes to their goaltending decisions - and there is a big one coming up. Anyway, I am confident you will share your insights and enlighten me.

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