What now or the end to the misery?

The season started with a loss and ends with a loss. Now to pick up the pieces, after seeing what further humiliation/ insults the Sens' owner and management can dish out to their fans. Starting with next week's selection of the Sens' place in the draft, which should be a real nice one for Colorado, and followed by Melnyk's empty reassurances that this is "all part of the plan".

This will be followed by a long summer of seeing any player who dares demand fair market value, traded or let go, whether they are good or not, and assinine signings of management favorites to long term deals.

Things are not all doom and gloom, as some of the young guns really impressed, as did some of the players the Sens acquired late in the season. I just hope a few of the acquired players are resigned, and maybe I am proved wrong, and a lot of the "dead weight" on this team is sent packing. It is acceptable to see young players make rookie mistakes and learn, it is unbearable to see the same veterans screw up time and time again, getting rewarded with ice time and contract extensions.

For now it is time to forget about this Sens' season and to put on the jersey of my second favorite team: Go Sharks Go!

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