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Silver Seven Sens Fantasy Pool: Final Standings

Time to see how you did in your regular season predictions

Boston Bruins v Washington Capitals
Who took home this year’s crown?
Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

It’s the start of the playoffs, which has meant a bit of sadness here as Senators fans. But it does mean it’s time for some season wrap-up stuff, including prizes! We kick that off with the results of our regular season fantasy pool. Congrats to decurion, who won bet big on Brad Marchand and Alexander Radulov en route to a big win. Here’s the full top 10:

Top 10

Rank S7S Username Points
Rank S7S Username Points
1 decurion 1105
2 eldur00 1098
3 N0_Angle 1090
4 Benafer5 1089
5 Jeffrey Lebowski 1080
6 Brettzky23 1062
7 Valley Milkman 1060
8 DaveSensFan 1057
9 T-Willy O 1053
10 freshprinceof4thline 1038

To find yourself, feel free to look at the full standings.

Among our staff, Colin did the best, finishing 20th (though we should also point out he also compiled the final scores). Dewie finished 37th, Ross 52nd, and Spencer 56th. Overall, not a great showing. A big thank you to everyone who participated, and special congratulations to decurion on the win. And good luck to everyone with their playoff brackets, the next big contest around here!