Roster Map: 2019 edition

I did one of these roster maps a few years ago, and figured with all of the turnover lately it was time do another one! Whenever I work on things like this it's always cool to see the longest/largest trade tree. There is still a player on the roster that traces back to Yashin even!

Things I appreciated this time around:

  • Kovalev -> 7th -> Dzingel -> Duclair + 2020 2nd and 2021 2nd is my favourite trade tree. Unquestionably good return for a UFA traded for a 7th round pick
  • Close second is Alex Auld for a 6th rounder which became Mark Stone.... sigh.... :(
  • Vermette led to us getting Colin White - I'm good with that!
  • Lazar led us to Formenton, which I'm sure noone is complaining about either
  • The Heatley trade really didn't result that well for us. It's another reminder that quantity over quality trades rarely pan out for the team getting quantity.


Roster Map 2019


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