I Miss You Guys..

Things haven't gone so well recently - but, we do have a good solid expansion team heading into next season. There have been well warranted wailings and lamentations over the past few years, and for 25 years prior to this - and, it will continue - even with a new owner, a new GM, and ne coach, and new players - "This is the business we have chosen".

I for one, do not have a cent invested, don't go to games or buy merchandise. I did see Ray Bourque play the last time the Bruins played the Sens with him as a player - the only game I have attended. I follow the team as a moderately well informed layman...don't understand the metrics, they are over my head - but I just love them when they do well - even the bad ones. If they only won 12 games I would love them - and it isn't so bad. It sucks, but , meh. Its my team.

This will get better. To see so many new faces - might be hard to digest for some, but, we will have our favourite players back again - in a different form. Despite all the suckage - it is hard for me not to love the players. Man.

I have been cheering for years - and all it takes is one good play, and I appreciate the player for so long. I could go through a litany of examples, but to say, even the least in the history of our system - maybe never even played an NHL game - I rely on you guys to pump me up...

And I am not seeing you. The thread responses have gone dry. It is not that bad. Man. It is not that bad. So our team sucks now. It has sucked many times - even at the heights of its achievements. The meantime - is where I am.

Wait until we win, and have to watch that fall apart. It is hard to be a fan, but, "This is the business we have chosen".

Hope to see higher counts on the responses to posts.

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