Can the Sens make the playoffs this year?


I mean anything is possible, but it would take a ridiculously good run for this team to make it to the playoffs at this point. I know fans have been split so far about whether to embrace the tank or push for better results, but it's time for us all to get on the same side of this.

For a team to make the playoffs most years, they need 95 points. To get to 95 points right now, the Sens would need to win about 35 of their remaining games (a win-rate of 67.3%). Is this impossible? Technically no, because they have more than 35 games left, but it's just not a realistic run to expect from a team like this.

We should all enjoy what the Sens are doing out on the ice right now. They play hard, they compete well and they hang in there with some of the best teams in the league some nights, but this is not a playoff team. So cheer for the work, cheer for the compete level, but pray for those losses, because there is no realistic path to the playoffs and every win risks worse lottery odds.

On the bright side, the Sharks need to win about 63% of their remaining games to hit the 95 point mark, so there's a decent shot at two top-15 picks these season!

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