December gifts for all!

Another month, and more signs of improvement for the Sens, going 5-4-4 in December (including tonight's loss to the Penguins). For the "tankers", the Sens are playing bad enough to remain in the bottom 5-6, and for the "dreamers", the Sens are still not theoretically out of playoff contention in a tight league. For all fans, the Sens are playing exciting, fun to watch hockey!

Furthermore, December's performance was achieved with several key injuries, which allowed some young guns to show their stuff on the big team. Imagine if the Sens were healthy, they would surely have picked up some of those OT losses.

Here is hoping that the new year brings continued improvement, and that management has the wisdom to balance the need to move out some of the veterans who will not factor in the rebuild and are taking space for future stars, with the need to give fans hope that the pain of the last few years are behind us and that sooner than later our team will be again playing meaningful hockey in April and beyond.

Go Sens Go!

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