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An announcement in support of Anaheim Calling, Fear the Fin, Jewels From the Crown, and all SB Nation California Sites

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We’re going dark on Monday, Dec. 23

NHL: DEC 19 Predators at Senators Photo by Steven Kingsman/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

There will be no new articles posted to Silver Seven Sens on Monday, December 23rd. We have made this choice to show solidarity with our sister blogs in California in light of the recent actions taken by SB Nation. We do not take this decision lightly, as we greatly value the relationship that we have with our readers and all Sens fans. We feel, however, that it is imperative that this message of support for our colleagues and friends be heard.

If you are not aware of the situation, please see the announcement that was posted Monday. This decision will fundamentally change three of our SB Nation NHL communities, Anaheim Calling, Fear the Fin, and Jewels from the Crown, and holds significant implications for the other 28 team sites as well.

The decision to cut loose the entire writing staff of 25 SB Nation team sites was a complete surprise to everyone impacted. The fact that it happened a week and a half prior to Christmas makes it even more difficult to accept.

The new California law, AB5, that prompted this decision was enacted on September 18, yet the affected writers had no knowledge that their contracts with Vox Media were at risk until they were told that the contracts were being terminated nearly three months later.

Silver Seven Sens will return Tuesday with the usual coverage, analysis, opinion and more that you’ve come to expect from us. In the meantime, we implore SB Nation management to find a way forward that respects the new California law while also serving our readers in the way only our sites can, and at the same time preparing for a sustainable future that allows for our communities to remain vibrant and relevant.

We truly appreciate your understanding about the action we are taking. SB Nation NHL remains committed to the best coverage of every team in the National Hockey League, and your support and continued patronage of our sites enables us to continue this labour of love. You have our word and our commitment that our dedication to our readers will never waver. Thank you again, and we wish you a very happy holiday season!

-Silver Seven Sens Staff